5 Common Mistakes to Avoid for the Sucessful hCG diet

The hCG diet has gained quickly in popularity in recent years. NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News and even Oprah have covered this diet. More and more people have turned to this “miracle” diet which claims to help dieters shed off an average of 0.5 to 1 lb per day.

Best-selling author Kevin Trudeau reviewed and improved the original hCG diet protocol developed by the British physician Dr. ATW Simeons back in 1950s. In his popular book “The Weight loss Cure,” Trudeau lists 50 to 60 required and recommended do’s and don’ts, making the book a practical guide book for hCG diet. The book has sold over 7 million copies since 2007, and people are rushing to follow this diet plan and get the hCG injections.

The HCG diet is a quite simple protocol for weight loss. Both Dr. ATW Simeons and Kevin Trudeau break it down in details, making it quite easier to follow. Basically you need to get daily shots or oral drops of hCG and follow a very low calorie diet, 500 calories per day to be specific. However, there are a few common errors that dieters will often make, which could slow down their hCG weight loss progress.

1. Skip the loading days or don’t take enough fat during loading days
After taking the initial dose of HCG, dieters are required to eat lots of food that are high in fat in the first two days. Some dieters don’t understand why they have to load themselves with fat in order to lose weight and decide to skip the loading days.

However, Dr. Simeons states very specifically for a successful hCG diet, dieters need to take enough fatty food in the first two days of hCG injections. The reason is dieters need to consume enough fat in order to replenish the structural fat stores that will be depleted in dieting. With proper loading days, you prep your body for the changes coming and help ease some symptoms that are commonly associated with fast weight loss, such as fatigue, irritability and hunger pains. And don’t worry, the hCG effect of burning your abnormal fat does not kick in until the third dose, so eating fatty food in the first two days won’t slow down your hCG weight loss at all.

2. Mix vegetables in one meal or eat the same meat for lunch and dinner
Dr. Simeons clearly states not to mix vegetables in one meal and not to eat the same meat for lunch and dinner in his original hCG diet protocol. Some people reported not losing weight as expected when they mix vegetables or eat the same protein for lunch and inner. So it is important to eat one vegetable for one meal and vary your meat selection for lunch and dinner, in order to maximize your hCG weight loss.

3. Don’t drink enough water or drink the wrong water
One of the most common errors found on hCG diet is not drinking enough water. In fact, most people don’t drink enough water. For the best weight loss result, you should be drinking at least 2 quarts of water every day. If you are water-deprived, your body can’t metabolize fat as quickly as it could and you will set yourself up to store unwanted fat.

In addition, pay attention to what you drink. No diet drinks such as diet soda are allowed on hCG diet. Drink water, teas and mineral water instead. Although Dr. Simeons says OK to drink coffee, it is recommended for you to stay away from it because it could produce cravings for food.

4. Incorrect hCG dosage
Dr. Simeons says most people see results with a daily hCG injection of125 IU. Today, Kevin Trudeau and many hCG clinics recommend 175 IU or 200 IU daily because our bodies are much more toxic today.

Many dieters choose to conduct hCG weight loss on their own. Thus determining the correct HCG dosage is imperative if one wants to succeed in the HCG diet. Some would mistakenly assume the higher hCG dosage is, the more weight loss they will get. That’s not true. Using more than the recommended HCG dosage can actually make your body immune to hCG and cause the diet to fail in the end.

5. Engage in strenuous exercise while on hCG diet
Dr. Simeons clearly states not to exercise strenuously on HCG diet. Some HCG clinics actually ask dieters to wait until they are down to within 10-20 pounds of their goal weight before resuming strenuous exercise. The reason is dieters are already burning excess fat with the daily 500-calorie intakes while on hCG diet. Extra exercising will result in the loss of lean muscle tissues instead.

To sum up, you should follow the hCG diet protocols of Dr. ATW Simeons and Kein Trudeau as closely as possible in order to succeed in the hCG diet. Remember to read “Pounds and Inches” carefully before starting your HCG diet.


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    Im curious as to why you recommend Kevin Trudeau as a knowledgable source of reference? Dr Simeons book states medical information and scientific data, while Mr Trudeau is selling a product to be used with Hcg while none were recommended by Simeons!! Yes medical advances have been made but Mr Trudeau has had several law suites and court actions against him for his various business ventures.
    I am curious as to the reasons behind your recomendation for his products and guving him any medical recomendation???
    I am interested in any documented medical stastics that back up Mr Trudeaus products?
    Thank you for answering my questions about Mr Trudeau and his claims to improving Dr Simeons protocol!

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