Best Place to Inject HCG for Weight Loss

People want to start the HCG Weight Loss program may wonder where is the best place inject HCG for weight loss purpose.

Some doctors and HCG clinics inject HCG into the fat on patients’ stomach, because less nerve endings in that area and it is easy to reach that area. Others choose to inject it into thigh and upper arms (deltoid muscle) for the same reason. According to the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health, a hCG injection should be properly administered intramuscularly into the buttocks. Dr. ATW Simeons also used “very fine needles that are two inches long and inject deep intragluteally in the outer upper quadrant of the buttocks.” If you use HCG at home, your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist will give you specific instructions on how and where’s the best place to inject HCG for weight loss. It is important not to give yourself an injection if you do not understand these instructions. Call your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist for help with injection instructions.

If you decide to self inject HCG, make sure you clean the injection area thoroughly with an alcohol swap first. Then you will need to pinch the skin in the area and then insert the needle directly into the muscle. Remember to relax your muscle as much as possible before making the injection. After the injection, you might experience a bit of bleeding which is common symptom after taking injections. You can apply pressure to the site in order to stop the bleeding and to prevent bruising from occurring.

There are several area that you can inject yourself:
* The Stomach (the best)
* The Arms (2nd best)
* The Buttocks
* The Thighs

It is important to not inject into the center of the buttock as one could easily hit or damage the sciatic nerve. A good suggestion is to rotate your injections as follows: right quad (leg), left quad, right arm, left arm, right and then left gluteus (buttock). You can stay in the same general area, but try to say at least 1 inch from the last shot.


  1. Anonymous says

    Help! I’ve been injecting into my stomach and my results have left something to be desired. I don’t have much muscle in my stomach but plenty in my legs. Should I change the spot?

  2. kathy says

    actually he is correct I am doing hCG plan with the doctor and you do not get your injections like its just an sq needle and you do not have to go in the muscle…..

  3. Dave says

    This article is full of MISINFORMATION AND BAD ADVICE: 1 – it does not even specify the guage of the needle to be used, also a 2 inch long needle is WAY too long for injection into the stomach and upper arm. Get real … Maybe many americans have such huge layers of FAT especially in the glutes, but my god the diagram or model you use above would be
    totally inappropriate to use a 2" needle into the abdomen! Cop a clue..

    • Ladyx says

      I have a question do u have any schooling to back this up ?
      Because I do and the HCG is a IM injection and the most commonly used lengh for an IM injection is a 2" needle which isnt long at all maybe what ur thinking of is the intradermal needle which is most commonly used for TB testing and allergy testing clinic and u should research the site to which u have chosen a bit better I go to a medical clinic to do my HCG and it's an intramuscular injection so why u picked ur stomach is besides me and just so u know for that site u need a SQ needle which SQ injections are most commonly given in the fatty tissue on the back of the arm but should work well for ur stomach tissue so dave before u get all puffed up and entitled research what ur talking about because u never know what kind of education a person has thats going to be reading the uneducated crap like u wrote so man up and put ur injection where it belongs I'l help u out a lil lets see well ur delt is well tricky to do on ur own so why dont u try the VL injection site its pretty easy so at this point u really should retrack ur post and at times I have been given a longer needle then a 2" so man up u sissy lala geesh

  4. carlosll says

    wow susan ! you dont have any other illness? that could have been the cause of the abscessess…. Im doing my 3rd round of injections without any complications….

  5. Susan says

    I have done the hcg injections some months ago . the injections were self administered. the area i could have comfortably reach was my stomach. however the injection sites most of them developed into abscesses which i had to surgically drain no antibiotics was working after the procedure was done 2 prevent infections. The abscesses takes months to become full blown and they are not usually pain full.What caused that reaction.I followed all instructions for administering the injections . Right now I'm scared.

    • Chad says

      did you alcohol swab the injection area as well as the rubber top and use a new needle each time?

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