Can You Drink Alcohol on the HCG Diet Plan?

Many dieters interested in starting the HCG diet plan often wonder if alcohol can be consumed while on the diet. Researchers are finding that certain types of alcohol, when consumed in moderate amounts, can prove beneficial to the body and mind. Recent research has found that certain wines are good for the heart and for the blood. Sometimes the occasional drink is good as a de-stressor too, although an individual definitely does not want to make this type of stress reduction a habit.

The HCG diet does not advise the use of alcoholic beverages while on the diet. Nevertheless, it has been found by many HCG users that weight loss is still quite successful, even when the occasional alcoholic beverage is consumed. Alcohol consumption may slow down weight loss effects because the beverages are loaded with a lot of empty calories. If the beverages are mixed with sodas and other sugar filled mixers that only adds more to the caloric value of the drink, and the consumption of such beverages alters the sugar levels in the HCG dieter’s blood.

Interestingly, regular social drinkers and even somewhat heavy drinkers have found that the HCG diet helps to curb alcohol cravings. HCG is a hormone that directly affects the hypothalamus gland inside the human brain; this gland is the area of the brain that triggers emotional drinking and eating. Thus, simply being on the HCG dieting plan can help the dieter keep alcohol consumption at moderate levels. In addition, those who do consume alcoholic beverages while partaking of the HCG diet plan find that smaller amounts of alcohol lead to a euphoric sensation or the feeling of being intoxicated.

One common drink that is permitted while using the HCG diet is a drink consisting of orange juice and vodka or mineral water and vodka with a hint of lemon. Again, this drink is to be consumed occasionally and in moderation, but a single drink does not seem to have any lasting effect on the dieter’s ability to drop excessive pounds. Once the HCG diet plan is finished and the dieter works on lifelong maintenance, it becomes acceptable to consume a single glass of wine on a daily basis for its health benefits. This practice begins only after the HCG dieter has ceased using the HCG shot or oral HCG as a dieting aid on a daily basis.

Consuming alcohol that has a high sugar content is never recommended on the HCG diet. You can consume some alcohol on the diet, but the less you consume the better off you will be. Keep your drinking to moderate levels and you can still achieve weight loss success on the HCG diet plan.


  1. Jwil says

    I am on phase 2 day 2 last night I consumed 3 beers and this morning was down 6 lbs 🙂 my husband gave me a hard time last night about drinking thinking ot would not work with HCG well woo hoo O must say that I have read that it does make you intoxicated much quicker! I usually can drink a few beers and be fine but I was feeling pretty good after a few. Tonight. I will just drink 2.

  2. katie says

    hey everyone im only on day 3 of the hcg diet. i havent cheated and plan to stay consistant but my friends just invited me to a big bonfire party tomorrow. ive never been to one but they said there will be a lot of alchohol and it sounds like fun so i really dont want to miss out. is it ok for me to get drunk and party for one night if i dont cheat ever again? if i do this should i still eat only 500 calories tomorrow or should i add bread or something before i drink?

  3. Victoriarox says

    I am on phase 2 of the HCG diet, I am doing everything perfectly. Can I have one shot of whiskey in water only today?

  4. leah says

    My brother is on the HCG diet, he had a special function which he had to attend, he is using the Self Inject HCG Shots, he had 2 single whiskeys with water, and he was out of it, and normally (when not on the diet) he can consume a whole lot more and nothing happens to him. Is this a side effect of the diet or shots?

    • erica says

      It's because he's not taking in enough to "pad" the walls of his stomach (think: eat before you drink) 500 calories that day (or less, if he planned to replace some cals with empty alcohol cals) isn't enough to keep you sober longer.

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