Ashley mixed a new batch of HCG and her weight is down to 153 lb on VLCD Day 37. Her total weight loss is 23.4 lbs so far.

Ashley gained back 1.2 lbs in the morning after walking, and decided not to exercise on the HCG diet. She lost 0.6 lbs on VLCD Day 30. She mixed some new HCG today hoping to lose more tomorrow.

Ashley lost another 0.6 lb on VLCD Day 28, bring her total weight loss to 19.2lb. Today’s weight = 157.2 lbs. She decided to start light exercise today to increase the metabolism.

Ashley had a stall on VLCD Days 22, 23 and 24. So she tried the “Apple Day” on VLCD day 24 to break the stall, and it worked. She has lost 18.6 lbs in 27 days, and her weight is down to 157.8 lbs.

Here to check in for three days of VLCD. Ashley is halfway done with protocol. She had two days of big losses again and then today wasn’t so great. She went back up again. BUT yesterday morning she hit the 150′s for the first time in a long long time…

After a minor blip yesterday, Ashley is back on track again and ready to start the pound loss. She mixed some new HCG, and has been 100% intentional on VLCD Days 17 & 18. Things seem to be going well.

Ashley lost another 1.4 lb on VLCD Day 15, but gained 0.2 lb on VLCD Day 16, because she accidentally ate processed turkey which contains sugar. She expected weight gain or stall for the following days, because she cheated today with ice cream.

Ashley lost 1 pound on VLCD Day 13 but gained a little bit on VLCD Day 14. She felt hungry and craved for food such as chocolate today.

Ashy lost 0.4 lbs on VLCD Day 11 and 0.8 lbs on Day 12. Still losing an average of a little over a pound a day, which bring her weight down to 163.6lbs. Feeling good with a lot of energy.

Ashley gained 0.8 pounds when weighing on Day 9, but lost 3 pounds on Day 10. Total weight loss = 11.8 pounds. Weight = 164.8 pounds.

This is Ashley’s very low calories day 8. She gained 0.4 pounds probably because she ate the red meat twice yesterday.

This is Ashley’s VLCD Day 7 of HCG diet. She lost another 2.4 pounds, which brings her total weight loss to 10 pounds in 7 days.

This was very low calorie diet day 6 for Ashley’s round 2 on the hcg diet (Dr. Simeon’s Protocol). After two days of stall, she is back in the saddle again with a drop of 2.6 pounds. That’s a total of 7.6 pounds weight loss so far (averaging over 1 pound per day).

Ashley didn’t lose weight on the VLCD Day 5 of her 2nd HCG diet. Weight: 171.6 lb. She is checking her meals trying to figure out what it is that is causing the stall. One possible factor is the Fructose in a spice that she has been using liberally. She also found out the cabbage […]

This is Ashley’s second video today to round out the end of VLCD day 4. Gaining a little bit was a little upsetting for her today, but she realizes that happens and makes adjustments accordingly.

Ashley lost 1.6 pounds on the VLCD Day 3 of the HCG diet, but gained 0.6 pound on VLCD Day 4 morning, probably because she didn’t finish all the protein on her second meal. And she ate two more Melba Toast, which might cause the stall or weight gain on the HCG diet.

This is Ashley’s day two of the very low calorie diet portion of the hcg diet/Dr. Simeon’s Protocol. She has down 4 pounds in 2 days and hit her pre-load weight this morning. Weight: 172.6 lb.

Today is Ashley’s official first very low calorie diet (VLCD) day on the HCG diet. Weight: 175 lb. (Note: it is recommended by Dr. Simeons to vary your protein choices for different meals. Don’t eat the same meat for lunch and dinner.)

HCG Diet Round 2 Phase 2 VLCD day 1 changed to another load day: Ashley started her first VLCD day today. She made it until about 2 or 3 o’clock this afternoon and started cold sweating, became very dizzy and shaky. She decided that it would be best to see if another half of a […]

This is the video of Ashley’s second loading day on the HCG diet. She had eggs, sausage, gravy, biscuit, fried rice and burrito etc.