Managing Cheating on the HCG Diet Plan

Cheating while on the HCG diet plan is never recommended. Only if you stick to the strict 500-calories-per-day diet and eat from the approved foods list, you will successfully lose an average of 0.5 to 1 pound every day on this diet. Nevertheless, we are human and there is a chance that you might cheat while you are on the HCG diet. It is very important for you to learn how to minimize the negative impact of cheating if you must cheat on the HCG diet.

When cheating on the HCG diet plan becomes necessary, it is time to assess what is going on with you at the moment you desire certain foods. You need to consider whether you are really hungry, or you just seek emotional comfort from the foods you are craving. Ask yourself how you are feeling at that moment. You can use a food journal to track any cravings you have to identify bad habits and patterns too.

If you make the decision to cheat on the HCG diet plan, remember that you are thwarting your weight loss efforts for the next three days! Having this thought in the back of your mind will help you stick to the diet plan. You don’t want to cheat often on the HCG diet plan because it will be days before you begin losing weight again.

Think about how you will feel after you have cheated too. You know you will be immediately satisfied, but don’t forget about the guilt you will face later on. This will help you to turn inappropriate food selections down.

If you make the decision to cheat on the HCG diet, try to make sure the foods have no starch and no sugar. You shouldn’t consume these kinds of foods at all while on the HCG diet plan. If you simply must have something to snack on, only consume foods that are approved for the HCG diet plan.

If you crave for sugar, eat fresh fruits such as watermelon instead of candy bars. Eating sugary foods will definitely hinder your weight loss efforts since sugar causes insulin production and insulin can later turn into fat. Roll some left over chicken into a leaf of lettuce and eat it as a snack between the meals. Drink plenty of green teas. Or make yourself ice coffee and add Stevia for the sweetness. These are not counted as “cheating,” but will help decrease your hungers or food cravings on the very low calories diet.

Consider the investment you have made into the HCG diet plan too. You have the investment in HCG supplies and investment in all your hard work, which can be destroyed from a single binge eating session. What’s more, you are investing in yourself with the HCG weight loss. Reflection on what you are doing to yourself and your success can help keep the idea of cheating on your diet at bay.

To ask questions or share your experience on HCG diet cheating, please check out the Cheating On HCG Diet section of our HCG weight loss forum.


  1. amelia says

    Mayra ive been eatting one sugar free candy a day i eat half after lunch and half before bed and i still lost 1lb.yesterday i has a small bowl of corn flakes and 1/2 cup fat free milk and i only lost 1/2 lb. @kelsy its up to you if you are prepared mentally to do it go ahead its very hard for me mentally because i have 3 small children and a husband that eat every thing and anything infornt of me 🙁

  2. kelsey says

    I have been cheating i went out of town for business and couldnt bring the shots with me so i was off it for four days i cheated all days with bad things. Should i give up and not use the rest i gained back 5 of the 10 pounds that i have lost and now im at a stand still of what i should. Any advice?!?1

    • Anonymous says

      Hi, I had same thing happen except I also stopped the shot for 2 days because I started my period. Did you get a reply or were you able to drop the weight back off again? I would like to quickly drop what I gained back if possible. Any advice?

  3. Mayra says

    I did the same thing but the next day I was okay. I did something worse and ate a cookie. Now what will happen? Help?

  4. jodi says

    I just ate a 1/2 spoon of peanut butter will that stop all my progress. I just got back from vacation and that was tough too. Have only lost 5 pounds in 7 days. I am frustrated. I did not like doing the load days because I had lost weight myself with diet and exercise. I gained 2 lbs with that. I think I need to contact my clinic it looks like 1/2 my subingual bottle is gone I hope I get another one

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