ChrioHCG drops are marketed as a product that provides additional benefits beyond those of other HCG supplements. Their products include variations with extra vitamins to help enhance energy and others that are advertised as helping to “rejuvenate” the body. Unfortunately,Chiro HCG is not able to do anything more than the typical HCG product, and is being marketed to individuals who are desperate for a quick fix to their weight loss program. While the drops work the way HCG is supposed to, the added supplements do not provide the boost of energy or “rejuvenation” implied.


There are three different types of ChiroHCG available, each offering different types of benefits in addition to the weight loss aspect. These drops are said to help boost energy and rejuvenate the body, but there is some serious doubt about their ability to do so. This is covered more in depth in the next section.

Pros & Cons

The product works. The reviews that we found indicated that the patient felt more energetic after a few weeks on the program, but this is due to the placebo effect. The vitamins that are included in these supplements are not going to provide the mega-boost of energy that is implied. The average person has more than enough B-12 in their diet. Unless you are a vegetarian with no animal products in your diet, you aren’t lacking this vitamin. Since you are generally required to eat animal products on any HCG diet, it’s not necessary to include B-12 as a supplement.

Retail Price / Special Offer

Depending on the kit that is ordered, you may receive different quantities and types of ChiroHCG. The product is meant for resale and is only available in bulk orders. If you are looking to get a ten year supply of HCG drops in order to drop 3,000 pounds, this might be something you want to consider. But most people will find the bulk orders to be far too much. Seeing as the product was not developed to actually help people lose weight, but to help others sell it in their offices, it’s no wonder that it’s not readily available. You can find it at your local doctor’s office, but prices vary widely.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers reported that the product does seem to work, although some of them noted that there was no major progress after three weeks with the supplement. While every diet, including HCG, takes a bit of time, you should see results within the second week. Chiro HCG also has claims regarding its ability to boost the energy of those who are taking the supplement, but as mentioned above, this is likely due to a placebo effect, and not an actual enhancement from any vitamins.

If you are looking for HCG drops that is marketed in a fair and honest way, consider HCG Ultra Diet Drops, Easy HCG, or any of the other products in our Best HCG Drops list. We discourage purchase or use of ChiroHCG.


  1. Linda Graham says

    I would like to purchase Chiro HCG …..i used it before through my chiropractor but have moved and don’t have that same chiropractor any more….can I purchase this from you….sincerely, Linda Graham

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