Constipation on the HCG Diet

Constipation is characterized by painful bowel movement. It is caused by low fiber diet, dehydration, mechanical stress or other pre-supposing medical complications such as depression, neurological diseases and metabolic disorders. Taking medications such as antacids, analgesics and antihistamines can also caused constipation. Symptoms of constipation also include bloody stool, weight loss, harder stools and rectal pain. Common cures for constipation include taking laxatives. Water therapy and eating lots of fiber accompanied with exercise can also prevent the disease from reaching complication stage.

HCG diet involves a very low calories diet along with daily HCG injection treatments. The diet has a limit of daily calorie intake of no more than 500 calories per day, and requires dieters to consume very specific food items. During the run of the program, only light exercises are recommended. Therefore, some dieters may experience constipation which is manifested by a less frequent or painful bowel movement. The main reason is the lack of fibers needed for proper digestion and intestinal function.

It is important therefore during the dieting process, one may take daily fiber supplements or laxative to prevent or minimize constipation. If the dieter choose not to take daily fiber supplement, he or she can eat more foods rich in fiber. For instance, apple (with skin) is a very good source of fiber, which is a good aide against constipation. Other good sources of fiber include beans, peas, pear, and broccoli (some dieters may experience stall by including broccoli in the HCG diet though).

Taking in more water is highly recommended to enhance bowel movements. 3 quarts of water or 12 eight -ounce glasses of water will facilitate in digestion process and flushing out of toxins and fat found in kidney. Mixing soluble fiber to a glass of water is also a good way to prevent constipation while on the HCG diet. Constipation may also be treated with natural colon cleansing methods. If a dieter experience serious constipation, it is advised that he or she check with a health care provider until the constipation is remedied.

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