Download Pounds and Inches ebook of Dr. Simeons in PDF format

Dr.-SimeonsPlease visit Pounds and Inches to download this ebook in PDF format.

This is a more advanced version, which has “table of contents” and have some typing mistakes fixed.

To view this book online in high resolution, please click here.


  1. shanti says

    I am using the HCG drops for the past 21 days and did not lose a pound .
    I am vegetarian and tries very hard to get the 500 calories diet .

    • Rain Waters says

      Hi, I have done 2 rounds of HCG.Im on P3 right now and about 2 start round 3…I have lost a total of 73lbs. I cant imagine what you could be doing not release ANYthing..I would suggest you read up and do your research. Sounds like human error. Not HCG error to me.

  2. ron foreman says

    Diet worked wonders, stopped taking blood pressure pills, both wife and myself. Lost 25 pounds. I and 72 and wife 70. And we did this through Christmas baking, which my does a lot. The surprise was the lack of hunger. It is not easy and you must be disciplined. There were some stomach problems but pass after adjusting….

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