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  1. Does anyone know information on HCG weight loss injection?
  2. Menstruation and Injections
  3. Storing and Mixing HCG
  4. How to Prepare HCG Shots by yourself?
  5. Guide to HCG injections and dosage
  6. How to determine the right HCG dosage for best result?
  7. Needle sizes?
  8. bruise after injection ... is this normal
  9. Giving shots
  10. injection during menstruation
  11. Where is the best place to inject
  12. 23 day protocol and want to lose 15-20lbs. DOSAGE??
  13. I am straving--HELP. Injection was not a room temp.
  14. Mixing HCG
  15. where to inject hCG
  16. question about injecting hcg
  17. mixing hcg
  18. lost a little when mixing
  19. reuse Bacteriostatic water
  20. How to mix 2000 IU hcg?
  21. can I inject in the afternoon instead of early a.m.?
  22. HCG mixing question newbie
  23. A dose of 40 iu.. does that seem right?
  24. different hcg brand - different results?
  25. Those who do INJECTIONS please report here
  26. Those who used INJECTIONS in phase2 please report here
  27. HCG Injections from your Doctor
  28. HCG Dosage
  29. Where do you buy yours?
  30. Extra RX HCG if anyone is interested
  31. Is Perscription Needed
  32. Purchasing HCG-A few questions
  33. Appetite Gone After First Injection
  34. Ordering HCG~Need New Supplier!!!
  35. Trouble drawing hcg liquid into syringe
  36. Injections, yes; But what brand to use....
  37. Hi. I'm new to the injections.
  38. Too old?
  39. HCG no longer on AllDayChemist???
  40. What time of day is best for injections?
  41. HCG at EscrowRefills.com
  42. HCG at cheaphcgsupplies...GRR!
  43. Where to get HCG and Supplies!
  44. escrow refills delivery info
  45. Best place(s) to purchase HCG?
  46. New to the injections
  47. Bacteriostatic Water
  48. Where can I order HCG drops?
  49. Am orPm