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07-10-2011, 09:57 AM
Just a quick update on progress & hopefully, offer encouragement to others.

I am no longer counting days or phases....so for me that is a WOW. I am still weighing myself daily in the a.m. This morning, 133.5...and in the beginning I weighed 170! I have done 2 rounds of Hcg beginning in late Feb. 2011 & used injections.

I am exercising- walking, aerobic classes, biking, at least 3x/wk.

I have added back yogurt, some cheeses, nuts, occasional cereal, and all fruits including melons, blueberries,bananas

I am still using Stevia & I am drinking unsweetened vanilla Almond Milk rather than 2%.

So far, I have continued to avoid bread, potatoes, rice products. I will never go back to Diet Coke (which I really had a problem with!) or Sweet n Low, Splenda or Equal or Fast Food.. I feel like I have made significant changes to create a healthier Me which I plan to continue as these are good choices.

My big splurge is occasional Mexican food (which I love) esp the guacamole!

Other tips:I have tried the Special K cracker chips and I am taking the 100 calorie packages of almonds to work for a snack. I buy the sugar free fat free 6 oz. chocolate pudding cups for lunch also. The weight watcher cheese sticks are in the lunch box these days as well. I can wrap them in a low sodium piece of turkey & put leaf lettuce around both for a great deli sandwich.

I am feeling confident & happy & SOooooo glad I did the HcG program. Have a great day!

07-12-2011, 02:37 PM
Good Job!!! Keep the good work and enjoy the Healthy life style =)

07-12-2011, 04:43 PM
AMAZING JOB! Keep trucking girl! :D

09-24-2011, 03:49 AM
Hey awesome work. Im sure it feels nice to know that you have reached your goal. I hope it might be happen with us as well.
And im sure it feels to good to know you can eat all the things you like and not feel guilty any more.
Im just waiting for my session to end..
All the best and we are so happy for you. You really have achieved so much.. Stay healthy..