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01-26-2010, 12:30 AM
Hello there, happy to have found this site!

My DH & I are both doing this together & we're on day 10. We are both losing and feeling good & actually enjoying the feeling of being a little 'empty' which we are obviously not used to.

I have a few questions. I look forward to your advice.

1. My first is about my morning coffee. I do not like black coffee :o but I have read & received mixed responses regarding using Stevia and if it is allowed. I've also had people warn about Stevia. I'd appreciate feedback on that. If allowed, is there a limit to how much per day?

2. Mix or don't mix vegetables? Simeons says don't & KT says do -- if I've read both correctly.

3. Since we're on Phase II, I surfed through the recipe section, but I saw some recipes that cooked the meat in a pan on the stove (fry w/o oil, I'm wondering?) Is the protocol bake/broil/grill? Ideas here would be appreciated.

4. Franks Red Hot Sauce is allowed?

5. Is Wasabi allowed?

6. Is hair dying allowed?

02-09-2010, 11:12 AM
My principle is sticking to the diet protocol as much as possible. If you have doubts on something, it's probably better not to.

1. Stevia seems to be OK as far as I know

2. Don't mix vegetables

3. I boil or grill the meat. Sometimes I season the pan before cooking meats with salt, pepper and herbs. This helps the meat not to stick. Add a few tablespoons of water for added moisture to the meat.

4. better introduce Franks Red Hot Sauce in phase 3 instead of phase 2

5. Wasabi is OK

6. Is hair dying allowed? It's probably better not to, but I'll let others give their opinions, too. Sorry.

02-09-2010, 02:25 PM
1. I don't think there is any limit to Stevia. I wondered the same thing and have researched on-line and haven't found anything about limiting Stevia.

2. I was also confused as I read KT's version of P2 he says "do mix veggies." I am convinced that is a typo now. I think it's suppose to say "do not mix veggies."

3. I do the same thing to cook meat on the stove. I add a little water, garlic, herbs, 1/2 lemon per meal, sometimes a little raw organic apple cider and let it cook for a minute. Then I add my meat in. If the pan starts to dry I add a little more water. Works like a charm.

4. I'm not sure about Franks. I've stayed away from hot sauce since I'm not sure about it. Though I 've read on-line that some people say hot sauce is fine-I'm still skeptical.

5. I don't see why wasabi would be a problem. If it's not real wasabi but the cheap stuff, it contains horseradish and mustard powder, which I think is fine. I'd watch out for added dangerous chemicals like msg though.

6. Apparently oils in lotions and other beauty products can make you gain or stall, but even if hair dye doesn't have any oils in them I would stay away from it. While on this diet, I have thought of it as not only a weight loss diet by as a way to detoxify my body. I know that hair dye has a lot of dangerous chemicals in them. I've heard henna hair dye is not so toxic, but I'm not sure how well it works.

Good luck to you.