View Full Version : Does Everyone Cheat?

01-14-2012, 01:43 PM
After months for reading this forum, doing research and reading the literature, I have finally decided to start the homeopathic hcg. Order was placed and it was received in the mail the other day. Now, I am contemplating on when to start. I feel as if now I am making excuses not to start immediately because I have a family birthday tmrw, a baby shower next sunday and more importantly, my birthday celebration at the end of March which will put me out of town for almost 5 days ( and I already foresee an event at a local pub/brewery/piano bar. While I am totally dedicated to following the program, I find it impossible to attend events and not indulge in a few drinks with friends as I always have. I can keep myself away from the "bad food" but how is this possible for someone to do without cheating whatsoever. I would have to be put on a deserted island.

I am fine with the effects from the cheating, but I guess my questions is, is when do I stop contemplating my start day? Its driving me nuts that I continue to make excuses like this.

Has anyone else had many functions pop up like this? How did you handle it? My world can't stop because of doing a diet...

01-14-2012, 02:56 PM
I think it is a personal commitment. I am not able to go to functions and not participate, at least my first round. This round I think I could. A cheat on this diet can be a real set back, so I would think about that, before ou decide if you are ok with that. If all you have is what you have said is I would load baby shower weekend..then plan on doing a round. If you can clear our calendar for the end of jan and then into feb, you can do a min of 23 days. The p3 part ou can have some red wine in, so you would be ok by the end of march..I have told myself I can do anything for 30 days.