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03-29-2012, 07:27 AM
I just posted this on a blog but am afraid I won't find it again so I thought since I'm new, I should post it on here.
Here's what I wrote:

Oh wow, this gives me hope! I'm new to the protocol and on Day 5 of P2 (down 6.6 lbs!) Anyways, I'm going to New Orleans for a week on May 1st and I've been terrified about how I'm going to handle this. I started the protocol March 25th and plan to take the drops until 2 days before we leave which would be April 28th, then 2 days of the P2 eating then off to New Orleans the next day. Is this right? So I'll be off drops for a week and then when I come back I want to start again. Eating healthy in New Orleans is virtually impossible....actually what I mean is...eating carb-less in New Orleans is virtually impossible as we'll be at the music festival and the food list is OUT of control. My question is do I need to load again when I get back or would this be more than enough of a load?
I know I'll drink and eat but will TRY to be as careful as I can. This is my annual trip with about 100 of our friends from all over the states. This is going to be tough. The good thing is we are ALWAYS walking and on our feet for at least 10 hrs a day so this always helps. I'm scared but it is what it is right? I plan to get right back on when we get back on May 8th.

Thank you for this forum! It's wonderful!

Oh and here's the food list for the festival- we'll be there for 4 out of 7 days for 8 hrs each day and we can't bring in our own food. Can you offer me any advice on what to eat? So much of the food is topped over rice. I guess I could order no rice at the food booths but still, EVERYTHING seems to have a sauce on it.....which makes it the most wonderful food you've ever eaten but probably FULL of carbs :(

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival // Food (http://www.nojazzfest.com/food/food-list-2012.php)

03-29-2012, 07:38 AM
That should put you right at the 6 week mark before you leave so you can move to p3 during your trip, but you need to complete 3 weeks of p3 & 3 weeks of p4 before you do another round. Your body needs time to recover in between rounds. Plus those 6 weeks are vital for stablizing your weight. Without doing p3 & p4, you are likely to gain back all of the weight you have worked so hard to lose. If you can, order no rice. Not too much you can do about the sauces since I'm sure most will be mixed in already. If you can find anything grilled or boiled without the sauce that would be the best choices. If you are going to drink, try having a big glass of water in between drinks. Also, get drinks that are not mixed with fruit juices & mixers since these contain tons of sugar. Good luck! :)

03-29-2012, 08:42 AM
Hi Musiclover and welcome!

Are you talking baout doing a planned interruption for the time you are in New Orleans and then getting back on, so in other words you are planning to do a super long round? My advice to you would be to do 5 weeks give yourself a week of eating P3 before you go to New Orleans so you can get a feel for what you should be eating and a good solid week of trying to get your weight to maintain. I would then go to New Orleans and do everything possible to stick to P3 foods and not drink much at all and if you do stick to vodka or a few glasses of red wine but don't over do it and don't do it daily. I wold then contiue on Phase 3 for a full 3 weeks and then to phase 4 for a full 3 weeks before starting another round. It is crucial to give our bodies the full 6 weeks in between rounds as that is the time when lots of reshaping of our body is taking place, it gives your body time to catch up with th elosses you have had plus your liver and kidneys need to time to recoup after the mass amounts of toxins and stroed bad fat have been flushed through them so fast during phase 2. Ending Phase 2 and going straight to vacation can be a complete loose, loose situation all the way around and you really don't want to gain back all you have lost and trust me it can happen that fast if you don't follow the protocol! I have seen people put on 15 lbs in 2 days after HCG with not eating properly and following protocol.

Ultimately the choice is yours though, good luck to you and I hope you continue to post so we can help support and encourage you!

03-29-2012, 07:17 PM
Thanks so much for the great information! Shannon, I think that's a great idea about doing P3 for a week before I leave. That makes me feel so much better than going from P2 straight to New Orleans. Makes much more sense! I'm going to do my best now until I leave and again during my trip. The good thing is I only drink vodka/water with lemon so it's better than beer etc. I love this forum...you guys are amazing! Thanks again :)