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05-22-2012, 10:54 PM
Hi has anyone used Skinnyup HCG Drops
Has anyone one used Skinny up drops the new formula I really would like some feed back please
I used skinny up hcg drops in my fist round, I'm in p4 and thisweekened I start these new drops I got my drops home and couldnt find the hcg on the label so I grab my bottle from the first round and it had the hcg on it , so I called my doctors office and asked y there wasn't any hcg in my new bottles of skinnyupdrops for round 2 , they said that the skinnyup company no longer puts hcg in there drops. She then told me that she just finished her 2 round using the new drops and lost the last 15 lbs she needed to lose and has kept it off in p3 and said she felt better using this new formula ,

Then I called the skinny up company and talked to them about the non hcg skinny up drops she told me they work the same as the hcg drops that the new formula has like charictoriscs ,
I guess that means it mimics the hcg I don't know?
I'm writing this to talk to anyone that has used the new Skinnyup Drops with out hcg in them?
Do they work?
Do you keep the weight off after using the drops in p3 and p4?
If anyone has any info to help me that would b much appriseated it!!:-)