View Full Version : Carbs and Fats.. friend or foe?

06-02-2012, 02:37 AM
I know in the book it says that this is a terrible thing to do.
But from my many (years now!) of researching I know the main reason for weight gain is high insulin levels. so if we keep our blood sugar levels low we won't cause a spike in our insulin and we won't store fat. With me so far? Welll.. Eating fats (and proteins I i believe?) with carbs will minimalize the rate that the sugars are absorbed and create less or no insulin/blood sugar spikes/peaks.
Now I may have mixed a few things up, but hey. I'm tired. You get the gist!

Obviously it's not a magical pill. "Just add fat to pile of sugar and you won't gain weight!" kinda stuff.
But would you be better off if you topped your pasta with a cream sauce/olive oil/butter rather than a -most likely- sugary red sauce? I think so.


06-11-2012, 08:36 AM
Foe.....definitely, but you will do what you think is best.
I made the mistake of eating Pizza this past Wednesday....a high gluten food made with white flour and topped with whole milk mozzarella....yummm, used to be a favorite food of mine 110 pounds ago. Despite eating cleanly since then (basicaly I went back to larger portions of P2 foods) my weight has spiked up 3.5 pounds since wednesday! WTH!!! The ONLY thing I did differently was test the old favorite and I am suffering since then. I don't know what it triggered, but I cannot seem to get the scale to react favorably since. Truth is, I commented after I had that nasty dinner that it realy did not taste very good and I felt like I ate a lead brick for dinner. Never again!