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06-12-2012, 10:42 AM
Hi everyone. I am on my last days of phase 2 without the drops. I had lost about 30 lbs with nutrisystem since December 2011, but got tired of the food and sort of just maintained that for a couple months. I have lost a hair over 18 lbs on phase 2 now, less than I was hoping for. But...I have lost just about as many inches as I did on the 5 months and 30 lb loss with nutrisystem. I'm not at my goal weight, but somehow ended up in my goal size ( a tad tight, but I'm confident I can get there comfortably).
Im 5'4 and after my load days started at 176.8 and am now 158.6.
I plan to go back to nutrisystem when I am out of the hcg phases to try and get to my goal of 140,along with exercise. Depending where and how I find myself by Christmas break, I may do one more hcg round. I'm 37 and a mom of 2 btw. I can finally stop claiming to be hanging onto baby weight...with two teenagers! Lol..any excuse right.

06-12-2012, 10:49 AM
Hi Pam and welcome! Congrats on your losses so far!! HCG by far is thebest way to loose the weight and inches and keep it off for life! If you are thinking you need to loose more I for sure would do another round of HCG before I woud ever entertain another round of nutrisystem! The best thing about doing HCG is it really does teach you how to eat right and keep the weight off forever! I went from 182 lbs to 128 lbs in 5 months and from a size 16 to a size 4 and I am 5' 3". I have been done with HCG since October and have kept every bit of it off and even am able to splurge fro time to time and if any gainat all I now know how to eat to get the little gain back off. I eat healthier then I ever have in my life and had been over weight my whole life since having kids and I always said I was packing around their baby weight still and my kids are 25 and 18.....not really an excuse I could use any more and I am 43...lol Nutrisystem food although they claim its healthy it is full of tons of junk you really don't want to eat and sticking to a clean paleo/primal diet 85 % of the time will keep your weight off and keep you thin for life after HCG.