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07-04-2012, 01:24 PM
I don't write on this subject but I have been reading a few post by some of you ladies lately. Mostly about having issues with constipation and even struggling to lose a few pounds, water weight retention, etc...

I have had amazing results doing a coffee enema. Whether I haven't had a BM for a week or even a few days...Whenever I have done this...I feel pretty darn amazing. It's basically when you feel clogged sorta speak or need a push...
So this is up to you if you feel you may be benefit...

The dose is as follows:

Enema bag that can be filled with water (you buy at the pharmacy)
2 cups of Organic brewed warm (not hot) coffee
Then fill enema bag with luck warm water and to the top...(some people use distilled water) I use tap.

Ok, perhaps I am getting graphic so forgive me but I must continue to share if any of you want to try this.

I get in my bathtub when I do this...just better and easier if any water slips away..

Soap the area slightly
Fill yourself with as much water/coffee as you can hold. Take deep breaths and go slowly
It's easiest if you can hang your bag low and lay on your back for this process.
When done filling:
Lay as long as you can on your left side (5 to 15 mins)
Lay on your back (5 to 15 mins)
Right side (5 to 15 mins)
Rub your belly counter clock rise intermittently during this process
Just relax...

If you need to get up and GO...then do so! That's ok..The first time you may not make it past a few mins. That's ok.

Somethings doing a second round you can get even more "stuff" out! I usually do 2 rounds and make extra coffee. (4 cups)

When you are done...You belly will be flat as a board. The coffee in the solution will help get rid of water weight, clogged areas, and more..I recommend doing the "coffee enema" in AM too because you may get a coffee rush from all of this too.

If your BM REALLY SMELLS that means you may have reached areas that were clogged and stuck for a long time..That's a good thing.

Again, it's not something you want to do everyday but if you have never done something like this before...STEP back, you will be in for HUGE results!! Overall though, it's a wonder way to cleanse and get some immediately "well being" results.

A gal who performs colonics for a living told about this as a home remedy for me and OMG!!

Be safe, relax, take some tea with you!! Be prepared...!!

08-11-2012, 09:27 PM
Thanks for sharing. I saw this on the "Cancer is Curable Now" dvd (and on their website). It is a standard cancer protocol by Girsham (sp?)