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07-09-2012, 12:01 PM
Hi all. I am new to this forum and wanted to know if there are any vegan HCG'ers here? I joined this forum because the FAQ's mention us plant eaters :) and it seems like a friendly place.


07-09-2012, 12:14 PM
Hi Kris and Welcome!

I can honestly say I do not believe we have ever actually had anyone that was vegan on here and doing the HCG diet. The only alternative for protein while on HCG is egg whites and cottage cheese and even then it say to use them sparingly.

Have you read Pounds and Inches by Dr. ATW Simeons' yet? If not you can google it and print a free copy. He is the original Dr who tested and researched what worked and what didn't for 50 years.

I'm not really sure how you would be able to do it without eating any protein at all but maybe someone might know someone possibly that was vegan and did the diet.

Have you started already and if so where did you get your HCG from and what kind/brand is it? There are tons of fakes oout there claiming they are HCG when in all actuality there is no HCG in them at all. We like to try to make sure everyone that starts has actual good HCG or you are going to do nothing but harm to your body and yourself by following the diet and not actually having any HCG working to break down your stored bad fat for fuel for your body to burn.

07-10-2012, 10:36 AM
Hi Shannon - oops I didnt get a notification for this thread. Will double check I subscribed in a bit. Now then lol. I have spent two weeks crawling through HCG forums - Ive read the protocol twice now so know the basics. Kinda!! :) Doesn't it say on your FAQs page that this diet is suitable for veggies and vegans? I think I might be a trial case then haha...

So anyway after all my research, I got some Biomedx HHCG and did ten drops three times a day for two days. On the third day, I was expecting to wake up with limited hunger (cos of the HCG releasing food from my fat stores into my bloodstream or something). I thought I'd read that if you were still hungry by the third day, the dose was off. So I missed that day and the next day I was still the same. Hungry. Soooo then I ordered some HCOUG (is that right?) from Escrow. INJECTIONS!!!!! Never injected in my life - argh!! So I have put the Biomedx HHCG to one side and am waiting for my rx HCG. THEN I read that a lot of people are still hungry on the third day when they are about to start their 500 cal diet and that I should still go on the diet but maybe reduce/increase the HHCG dose until the hunger had gone - so am not sure?

From reading the protocol, I've learned that I need around 50 grams of protein a day (which would be in the 2x100g steaks) with no sugar, low fat and limited carbs. So I am looking into vegan protein powders which I can make into a smoothie with one of the allowed veggies per meal. Do I sound like I know what Im doing or am I wayyyy off track? What would you advice as regards to the HCG?

And a big thanks for the warm welcome. :)


07-10-2012, 10:54 AM
KRis I haven't heard of the hHCG you were taking and the main thing to look for on them is in the ingridients it needs to say HCG 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x. If it doesn't say that then they are not good HCG as they have none in them and that could of been why you were hungry.

Did you stop the drops while you aere waiting for the RX HCG to come in? If you haven't and they don't have those ingridients in them then stop immediately because you are doing yourself no good using those drops.

It is typical to have some hunger still on day 3 especially if you didn't load really good with lots of good fats. But if you were gnaw your arm off hungry then yes the dose is off.

I am not aware of the vegan/vegiterrian part of the protocol, sorry I'm not much help there. There is another forum I am on and I believe they have several people on there that are and have threads for it go to www.hcgdietinfo.com (http://www.hcgdietinfo.com) and check out that forum site for more info from people doing the vegan/vegiterrian.

But you really need to male sure you have good HCG even if it's hHCG!

07-10-2012, 12:00 PM
Hey thanks Shannon!! My HHCG has 3x 6x 12x 30x and 60x on the bottle so I am maybe now thinking I hadn't got the dose right. I havn't taken any for a couple of days so am thinking I will wait for my rx now? I have posted in the other forum - but popped over here to see what else I could find out and to see if there were any vegans here. Hey I can be a test subject for you and any future vegans!!

Also, even though I have subscribed to this thread - Im not getting the notifications and when I registered and got the notice to say I would now get an email and to click on the link - it never came but I was still registered and allowed to post. I've checked my junk mail too. I was wondering if I am an isolated case or if others are having problems and not getting notifications - thought I should let you know in case theres a problem this site isn't aware of...

07-10-2012, 12:19 PM
I have never gotten any kind of notification after subscribing to a thread. I think it's just a glitch in the program or something. I don't ever get an email unless someone sends me a provate email then I get en email telling me I have one on here. The only other notifications I get is on here at the top where it says notifications and that is if someone has liked a post I have left. I believe that if you subscribe to a post or thread if you click on settings at the top if anyone has posted in any of the threads you subscribe to they will be in there. I never go there any more I just click on forums and then new posts so it shows me all the new stuff that has been posted since the last time I logged in.

If you are getting the RX HCG I would just wait and start again when they it gets here and make sure you load again for 2 days while injecting the HCG before you start the VLCD. The best way to load is with lots of good fats and less carbs and sugar. But I am a huge fan of finishing off both nights with ice cream to make sure that any crack not filled is filled :)

07-10-2012, 12:46 PM
I had great "loading" days. MMM, soya ice cream with apple and blackberry pie, choccy, cakes, chips, crisp sarnies - you name it. I threw in an avocado as an afterthought but will TRY to do it different this time lol...

Thanks for your support...

07-10-2012, 01:06 PM
Ya I would totally go with less carbs and sugars and way more good fats! It will help with less hunger the first few days and will get your stored fat revved up and ready to release.

07-10-2012, 03:08 PM
Hi all. I am new to this forum and wanted to know if there are any vegan HCG'ers here? I joined this forum because the FAQ's mention us plant eaters :) and it seems like a friendly place.


Hi Kris! My Mom and I have been doing a vegan version of the diet. Our doctor told us just to substitute tofu or soy meat (not soy beans) like the fake hot dogs etc. or Quinoa for the meat on the menu. Hope it helps! Good Luck

07-10-2012, 04:05 PM
Hi Angie, can I ask you a few questions please? I thought the carb count had to be really really low - I know quinoa is high in protein but its also got more carbs in I think? So my questions are - which sort of HCG are you using and were/are you hungry? You are like goldust to me - finding vegan HCG'ers is difficult!! :) PLEASE don't dump me lol!!

11-02-2015, 09:35 AM
Hello !

Am sorry to be a prick but the fact that vegans can go on a hcg diet is not new and there are some good examples. Sources of protien on plant foods included a lot of legumes apart from cottage cheese. Sprouted chickpea, Moong and kidney beans are excellent source of protein and has low calorie.

There is 156 Calories in Chickpea while eggs have 144 Cal
The protein on chickpea is 8.6 Grams while on an egg is 12 Grams.

Its just for a comparision , Yes the calories are higher but not very high as compared to other carb foods. Soy has higher protien than Chickpea and could match that of eggs while the calorie values are much lower too. Fortunately for vegans, there are a lot of varieties, but people dont really know what to eat and how to eat them. Many people dont know how to cook squash! People dont know how to cook Soy so that it tastes good. Most soy recipes are really bad, smells awful and are not particularly tasty even for a person on a diet. Chickpea on the other hand can taste good just with some salt and nothing more. Finding varieties on what to eat is more important. If you want me to put forward a recipe of things with nutritional values i can do it for you. I think it may help some people here.