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07-27-2012, 08:52 PM
This is our first official diet together.. I am trying to figure out ways to prepare & package food once we get to the LCD phase2 so my husband can take already measured,cooked food to work. Any sugguestions on how to be efficient w/ food prep would be extremely appreciated. We are day 2 of loading, however it looks like we will load for another day or two to 'get it together' for P2. It's difficult enough thinking about preparation,weighing, counting calories for myself but for both of us is a little overwhelming. He actually skipped taking his drops before lunch today because he was with a group of people having lunch.I told him he would just need to excuse himself to the bathroom take the drops & go back to lunch. So the loading P1 just planning to take the drops alone is taking discipline and forethought. A couple of questions..please..
1. If drops are skipped in loading phase, what to do? Get back on track asap? Load for another day because the drops weren't taken 3x that day?
2. Do you need to wait a full 30mins after taking drops before eating etc?

I am very thankful to of found this forum for support and advice! Thank you..

07-27-2012, 11:31 PM
Welcome aboard!!

I always buy my meat, cut them up, weigh them and put them in baggies. I weigh my veggies when I'm about to cook it.

You definitely need to do the drops while loading. If you missed a whole day of drops while loading, I will definitely add another load day.

All you need to do is wait about 15min. I normally do 10-15min wait.

07-30-2012, 11:56 AM
Welocme aboard to the both of you!!!

I found that buying my meats and then taking them home and weighing them out and prepacking them in baggies adn freezing them worked best for me. I would also cook up a weeks worth of lunch meats so I could have them ready to grab and go at all times. I always made sure I had enough vegi's and fruits to get em through a full week without having to go to the store so I had noexcuses to not eat what I needed to.

I also set my alarm on my cell phone to remind me when to take my drops so I could make sure I got my drops in 15 minutes prior to eating and always remember no food or drinks 15 mins before or after the drops are taken.

If I missed one dose I don't think I would load another day just make sure you get back on track and keep taking them but you can load for 3 days if you want to the only damage that will be doneis you will have more loading weight to get off but it usually is off within the first couple of days.

Does your husband have access to a microwave at work to be able to heat up his foods? If so cook a weeks worht of meat and then just put it in a tupperware for him to reheat at work same with the vegi's if you cook them. I also made chicken for my lunches with part of my tomato for my vegi diced up in it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and fresh cilantro and cooked them in individual foil pouches in the oven, the nwould put them in tupperware and reheat at work and the chicken is always still nice and most and then would have the rest of my portion of tomato on the side raw. it was my go to lunch for both my long rounds that I did and super quick and easy.

07-31-2012, 05:18 PM
Thank you both so much for the great advice.. Wow seeing y'alls tickers is so exciting.. I'm 5lbs down after 2 days... yaaay it is actually working.. Lost my husband on the drops unforutunately. However, he is still using our 'vision board' to write down his weight and measurements daily, and he is eating the food I cook. (He just gets a bigger portion/but it's healthy).. Neither one of us have EVER been on a diet.. The 40's came really fast and so did the extra lbs. whew! Good lord to have the body I did at 20!

Food prep, got it thank you.. Verrry overwhelmed with how to cook things on the list other just grilling and steaming. My poor husband, I have never been creative in the kitchen. I can cook but I need a receipe..

08-01-2012, 10:05 AM
Great job on the losses so far!!!

I pretty much used my George Foreman, BBQ or foil packets in the oven to cook all my meats adn then steamed all my vegi's or ate them raw. Once in a while I would grill onions or asparagus on the George Foreman too but mostly steamed or ate my vegi's raw.

Int eh forums there is a cookbook I believe of P2 foods you could check out and you can also google HCG phase 2 recipes but watch for recipes that call for mixing vegi's as that is not allowed. It's all about using lots of seasonings(suagr,starch and fat free) and fresh herbs to get the foods tasting great and you have to be creative. Most of the time I ate pretty plain though with just a simple grilled piece of chicken or a grilled sirloin steak, nothing too fancy.

08-02-2012, 06:28 AM
Thank you, It feels amazing. There is nothing like quick results to keep you motivated. Plus, I feel so much better! My energy has increased big time, my body is loving the healthy food for energy.

I am so relived to hear that I don't have to be a gourmet cook w/ the approved meal list. Just knowing to keep it exciting w/seasoning and herbs. Growing up in Texas w/ my cooking influences was all about the meat,patatoes and lots of fried stuff. (Crazy how that carries on in generations to generations). That is acutually another reason I am so greatful for learning to cook and eat healthy fresh food is to not only be healthy but to be a good influence on my daugther(22yrs old)...

She joined me on the diet yesterday! Yaaay, we can learn together how to have a healthier relationship w/ food, and she can pass that on to her kids.She ironically had a Dr appt yesterday and was weighed for the first time since she graduated college in December and she had gained. However, instead of her being really down on her self I was able to get her motivated and excited about the diet because she saw my results! Results don't lie.

My question now is~ do the drops need to always be within a 30min time frame before food and drink, or is it ok if it's more than 30mins before I eat after I take the drops?
(Also should that question be posted in P2 thread?)

Thank you!

08-02-2012, 09:09 AM
Yay for the daughter joining you on this journey!!!!

The main thing is no food or drinks 30 mins before or after the drops but that doesn't mean you have to eat 30 mins after you take them. The drops need time to absorb properly and if you eat or drink within that time frame they won't get absorbed so I am told.

08-02-2012, 09:36 AM
I only wait 15min. There are times where I will take drops like an hr early or so.