View Full Version : Is Maintenance For Life?

07-29-2012, 01:27 PM
My family and friends lives revolve around food and drinks. The common motto seems to be … Life is too short to miss out on the good things so never pass up a piece of cake. It could be your last one!

Just this morning my father was describing this “beautiful cake” he saw at the bakery with sure delight in his eyes. The only reason he didn’t buy it was because he already had a bunch of pastries at home (coffee cake, cheese cake, Edible fruit Arrangement, assorted Danish, fruit squares), and those are only the ones that I saw out in the open. He went to the bakery because my mother wanted some Vienna bread for lunch and a whoopie pie for herself.

LOL! Must be great to be retired and not care about what you eat anymore.

Granted, my family is not a good example as they are all overweight, and so I have no good role models. It got me thinking, what are you folks in P4 able to eat now that you have conquered your weight goals? Can you eat out and enjoy yourselves without worrying that you will fall back into poor eating habits? Have you been able to keep the weight off for years without struggling to watch every thing you eat? Or do you still monitor calories daily and occasionally splurge like having one cheat day a week? Do you have to plan your splurges ahead of time or can you just trust that your new, rebuilt metabolism will do the work for you?

I’m guessing that since I’ve always struggled with weight that I will probably always have to watch my diet, but will I be able to indulge regularly or often? Probably, moderation is should be the rule of thumb to follow that may not get me into any real danger that I can’t recover from. So, if I choose to eat ice cream every day then I will just have to eat a moderate serving of it and not overeat.

07-29-2012, 05:37 PM
This is def a life changer. I find that every week in maintenance I have to lose the same two pounds. For example I did well on Friday, sat watched but once I got to the wedding I played in moderation. I had a little bit if this and that. I do not think I have ever had a piece of wedding cake. So I was not bothered to not have any this time. I did have some appetizers. Which were quite yummy.. And more to drink. I am hoping to be down tomorrow. I have only had protein and water today. Except for a little champagne at brunch. I wil do my best on vacation to make good choices. That is what this is al about.

There are plenty of things that life is too short to miss.. Food is not one of them. Food is there to keep U alive. Find something else to Live for.

07-29-2012, 06:08 PM
Food is definitely important to my family and most of my friends. They don't look at it like it's fuel. They describe food like it's a religious or orgasmic experience. Seriously, my sister just told me that a piece of chocolate cake she ate was better than sex. LOL!

I guess I will continue to be the black sheep in the group if I want to keep the body I'm working so hard to get. I think you're doing great making choices of what you want to eat or drink.

07-30-2012, 10:37 AM
I don't count calories or weigh and measure my foods and haven't for a over 7 months now. But I do adhere to a pretty strct and clean eating life style. Once in a while I will eat or indulge in something not so good for me but never do I pig out on tons of bad foods. And when I do indulge I always go back to eating clean and bnack to my normal clean eating life style.

Like any diet in order to keep the weight off it is a life style change and for life andit's up to each of us to find out what works best for us to keep the weight off.

There are tons of great fun foods you can make that are just as fulfillign as all the bad foods your family eats and it will be a great way for you to show them you can eat healty and still have amazing foods that make you feel like you just had something completely sinful! Check out the paleo and primal recipes online, google it and you will see there are tons of deserts and what not that you can make and enjoy but are still healthy if eaten in moderation.