View Full Version : So WHEN exactly do you take the drops throughout the day?

07-31-2012, 07:49 PM
Hello everyone!

I have been cruising these boards for several weeks, gathering so much information, before finally taking the plunge. I am on Phase 1 Day 1 and just realized I don't know exactly when I am suppose to be taking the drops. I know it's 3x a day and not 15 minutes before or after eating. But beyond that I wasn't sure....is it suppose to be near meals? Or spread out evenly through out the day? (ie. if I get up at 8 and go to bed at 11pm--my drops would be at 8 am, 3:30ish and 11 pm to be evenly spaced out). Should I be trying to take them at the same time every day? Finally, my bottle says refrigeration is recommended. Hmmm....really? Not quite sure how to do that on the days I work--perhaps a cooler?

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all the great info!! These forums have a been a tremendous help :)

08-01-2012, 09:57 AM
Hi Elizabeth and Welcome!

I always took my drops at 6am, noon and 6pm and I never kept my drops in the fridge or cooler they were always in my purse just don't let them get exposed to hot temps is the main thing.

Can I ask what kind of drops you have and where you got them from? There are tons of companies claiming they have good HCG drops when in fact they are not and I would hate to see you get started and then find out you don't have good drops. Also did you take your drops while loading?

08-02-2012, 01:52 AM
Hi Shannon,

Thanks for the reply! Great info :)

I actually got the drops from the place you recommended in another post, OfficialhsgDietPlan.com. :rolleyes:I did take them these past two days as I was loading.

Thanks again!

08-02-2012, 08:58 AM
Oh that is awesome Elizabeth! I always kept them in my purse and also set my alarm on my phone to remind me to take the at 6, 12 and 6. The main thing is just to make sure you get your 3 doses in a day and try to space them out some so the level of HCG in your body stays constant.