View Full Version : What's the best loading foods?

08-27-2012, 06:55 PM
I would like to do what's best to prevent hunger with this diet and want to know the foods that will help the most with the loading, I also want to know if anyone has an opinion if I should be loading for 2 days as opposed to 3 and what the benefits are. I purchased drops from a company that didn't have HCG in them and went through the whole process but ended up STARVING after 10 days and had to quit and wait to get the new drops because I was so weak from the VLCD. I don't think I have ever been that hungry before all I could do was think about food all of the time, needless to say that was not my idea of a good time and do not wish to relive those days. I think with the actual HCG it will be different ( I hope!!)Please provide any feedback to help me. when loading last time I ate almonds, peanut butter, ice cream, lots of butter on stuff, fried chicken, avocados etc. Any other suggestions and are these correct? My drops should be here end of this week, and I will start loading after memorial weekend. I am really wanting to do this right.

Thanks for the help!


08-28-2012, 08:53 AM
Rachel the foods you listed are great loading foods. You want to load with lots of good fats and then also add in those foods you know you are going to miss. At the end of each loading day finish your night off with ice cream to fill in any cracks still open to receive food. I would just do the 2 loading days there is really no need to do 3 days.