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Robin D
10-24-2012, 05:23 PM
Hello...I am finding that with the vlc I am having alot of uncomfortable emotions and sadness come up. I am on day 31. I have found that I have had to sometimes go to bed just because I couldn't handle it...(At least I'm getting plenty of sleep) Has anyone else dealt with this?

10-24-2012, 05:56 PM
Hi Robin! I am on day 41 and sometimes feel overwhelmed with emotions like they are more intense, but not depression type feelings. How long are you planning to stay on VLCD? What type of HCG are you using and if you are using RX have you spoken with your Dr about this? We are here to help you with this forum so post frequently and hopefully we can assist with what's happening.

Robin D
10-24-2012, 08:35 PM
I am using the homeopathic slimline hcg. I was going to try to do the 40 days, but lately I have been feeling really down and found myself cheating. Just a little, but I'm still cheating. A bite of this or that. I may stop sooner than the 40. I have done this before with hcg drops (before they took them off the market) and found that it got real difficult after about 25 days. I have lost 21lbs so far and was going for 25 this time, but I don't know. Thanks for your reply...Ireally do find it helpful.

Robin D
10-24-2012, 08:41 PM
I have also been having CRAZY dreams and have been FREEZING COLD! It's really not that cold here....The dreams started about a week ago. I think I may be talking myself into quitting and going on low carb. I plan on doing it again....maybe I just can only handle 30 days. This is about when I quit last time.

10-24-2012, 11:12 PM
Being cold is normal, now imagine someone with hypothryoidism....i'm constantly cold at work and my fingers are so cold that they feel like I just held a bucket of ice cream! lol.

I think the emotions (at least for me) is that I'm lost when no food is involved. Like normally if I'm bored and need to occupy my time, I eat! And when on HCG, you can't. You need to find some other things to do to occupy you so you don't get bored or anything. Also because I'm so use to just eating whatever, I feel sad that I can't have any of the bad food, therefore feeling somewhat deprived but it's all a mental game. I'm not hungry or anything.

10-24-2012, 11:13 PM
Perhaps you should move on to phase 3. I have learned with the last 2 long rounds (10+ weeks) that I REALLY DO SO MUCH better when I'm on the 23-28 day round only. The longer rounds, I tend to cheat and binge like crazy and that has happened a lot this round.

10-25-2012, 06:49 AM
I am so sorry that you are feeling down and I think sometimes the restrictiveness of P2 can have us down, as it kind of keeps us sometimes from doing things that we like to do..going out with friends etc, because so much of what we do revolves around food activities. I would say that moving to P3 is not a bad thing and without starches and sugars for several weeks you may feel better having increased choices and some freedom to do more. Remember you need to do an extra week of P3 for each round so if this is round 2 you need to do 4 weeks.

10-25-2012, 11:41 AM
I agree with April and Amy I would consider moving into P3 and see how you feel. That will ease up some of the food restictions and hopefully you won't feel so down.

Robin D
10-25-2012, 04:04 PM
I have been successful on low carb diets before...and you are right, there are alot more options. The Hcg is great when you need fast results, but now that I am more comfortable in my skin, I think I can try the low carb for awhile...I am craving a latte...Isn't that funny? I never drink anything sweet...but I just want milk and coffee. HA! Also...I wasn't aware of the increase in weeks off with each round. Would you still do that if the first round that I did was over a year ago?

10-25-2012, 04:07 PM
Robin my last 2 rounds were more than 10 months apart and yes you still need to do the extra time for each round you do. Every round is so different and every P3 is so different and what worked for you in your last round might not work for you in this round especially in P3 and when it comes to stabilizing.