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06-25-2014, 10:47 AM
This is my second time doing the HCG diet, I did a round 2 years ago and had great success (24 pounds lost in 26 days). Since then I have had a hysterectomy and have been battling the menopausal middle that has been creeping up despite consistent exercise and watching my diet. I have gained a little over half the weight back and decided to try another round of HCG.

I'm on Phase 2, Day 3 of the VLCD and following the protocol to the letter but am VERY hungry. I don't remember being this hungry before. The instructions I got from my herbalist (where I bought them last time) say to take 4 drops 4 times a day which equals a total of 16 drops a day. I remember having to adjust my drops last time but can't remember by how much. Should I increase my dosage and if so by how much/often. I use the Celeste brand 13,600 IU and take them sublingually. I lost .7lbs on Day 1 and 2lbs yesterday but this hunger (and the rumbling) are driving me crazy!!

06-25-2014, 12:01 PM
Hello! It's better if you created a journal and ask that question. Also because this forum has been very quiet lately =(.

Usually most drops is 10 drops 3x/day. 16 is too little. Does your brand have real hcg in it? What are the ingredients?

06-25-2014, 12:41 PM
I created another post in the Phase 2 forum. The bottle says they are high purity and derived only from human sources. I see Bio-caroxyethyl Germanium sesquioxide listed on the front as well. I also have to keep it refrigerated.

06-26-2014, 12:53 PM
if it doesn't list "hcg" then it's not the real thing. Do you have a link to where you bought it so I can see the ingredients?

06-27-2014, 08:24 AM

Here is a picture from a website, of course my expiration date is different. They do say HCG on them.

06-27-2014, 01:18 PM
Yeah it doesnt look like its the real thing. Cause most hcg bottles I see list them out as an ingredient like so hcg 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x. Something like that. The bottle doesn't really tell me anything.

06-28-2014, 12:25 PM
These are what I used last time and lost 26 pounds in 28 days. I adjusted the dosage to 6 drops, 4 times a day and that seems to have helped. I'm down 8 pounds since Monday. :-)

06-28-2014, 02:44 PM
Yeah perhaps you just need more drops. I've never known anyone to go under 30drops/day. Glad you got helped.