View Full Version : Fish steamed in Parchment Paper

06-28-2010, 02:14 PM
3.5 oz white fish- I use filet of sole
1 nandful of peppers/onions (I use fireroasted, frozen, thawed.)
seasoning of your choice, I like emeril's bayou blast.

1 large square piece of parchment paper
1 orange or lemon slice

take 1 handful of peppers and place in center of your parchment paper, top with your 3.5 oz of fish. Season. Take two edges of parchemnt and roll towards fish, being sure to leave some room, it should not be tight as the steam needs to move around to cook fish. The liquid from the frozen thawed veggies and orange will cook your fish.

Place packet on cookie sheet and put into pre-heated 350 oven. let cook for approx 20 min depending on your fish of choice.