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HCG Weight Loss
11-12-2009, 04:31 PM
I made my first batch of sublingual hcg on my own. I mixed 1500 iu's of hcg (for 125iuís) with 12ml bacterstatic water. Then I put .50ml in 12 slip tip 1 ml tuberculin syringes (oral syringes). I froze all of it and take out syringes and take .50ml am and .50ml pm. Otherwise the hunger is too great. Also, found that taking 2nd dose late afternoon or before dinner worked best. Others might find taking 1ml dose in am is right for them. Take out 15 minutes before to defrost.

When mixing make sure you tap out the bubbles on the syringes just like with dermics so you get accurate dosage. I didn't mix it with B12 which I think contains sugar and not alcohol which also has sugar because alcohol doesnít freeze. The hcg and bacterstatic water has no flavor so its fine. If you all want to mix it with B12 you can.

Now, Iím using the same recipe and amounts used for the recipe for injections. It just has to be frozen in individual dosages just like you do with the injections. I found the same problem of lost potency when I kept over a weeks worth of injections in the fridge instead of the freezer. So there you go. Thatís it thatís all!