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12-03-2009, 12:08 PM
Hey everyone ,

I am new to this board I just wanted to say hello . I will start the
HCG diet after my appointment Tuesday at a local clinic. I am looking
forwarding to Tuesday!!! I enjoy reading everyones posts. It is
teaching me alot, so far everyone has stressed the water and the
calorie intake. If you have any more tips I would greatly appreciate
them . I am sure I will learn more Tuesday. My goal weight is 150-
160.(not sure really) I am 203-205 currently . I tend to float
around with water weight .I was 222 just about two weeks ago, but I
ordered some phen and dropped that weight.

Well I look forward to sharing this new endeavor with everyone . I
will keep you posted .

12-03-2009, 12:13 PM
What clinic are you going to, what is there protocol and treatment. Share!! As every clinic is different and people are trying to find places to go all over so every little bit helps!

12-03-2009, 12:24 PM
Well I am going to the Transformations Clinic , the actual clinic
location is in Melbrounce , FL. From what I understand they have
about 5 or 6 different locations. I will know more Tuesday, but from
my conversation with the nurse this morning . I will have my choice
of HCG and an an appetite suppressant. I don't have to do both ,but
they recommend it . Since I am already on phen I will not take their
suppressant. I will have to come in weekly . My first appointment
will be scheduled the rest will be at my leisure .I have downloaded
the paper work from thier website so I plan to have that filled out
before I go in .. I have to do bloodwork tuesday and then the doctor
will make his recommendation. The first appointment will be about 2
hours . After that it is supposed to be smooth sailing .

Listed below is the info

Transformations International
(321) 255-9150

They have alot of info on thier website for some reason I couldn't
access this morning . Anyhow I had read everything last night . I
also called and spoke with someone this morning and they explained
it to me also . They actually recommend you to call and ask

I will keep everyone updated . I will also post a full report when I
get back and settled in from work on Tuesday.

12-03-2009, 12:29 PM
Just curious about how many units will be in your one shots. I also go to a clinic in NC and have discovered with dimple that my units are conciderably low. they are only 35units, 2x's a week....plus anitsurp....but i dont take it anymore and found that i am doing probably better weightloss without it, i mean fast weightloss without it...

12-03-2009, 12:30 PM
Yea I am not sure how many units there will be .. I will now more
Tuesday and I will let you know .. If they use weight to determine
the units I guess my fat butt might have more . Lol I will see.

12-03-2009, 12:41 PM
Ok everyone I had my appointment today .. I have offically started.
I gave myself my first shot in the office today( they watched to see
how I did )

For now they are recommending I take
125 units of HCG
Chromium Capsules twice a day one at breakfast and lunch
Calcium one a night
Multi Vitamins one a day

I am also taking it along with phen which I was previously taking,
and shots of vitamin B-12

I have to drink 3 big containers of water . They recommend me use
the container they gave me .

I have to eat 800 calories a day . (fruits , veggies, meat, dairy
and complex carbs)

Its two phases 8 weeks on the and 3 off when only using herbal
vitamins . I can then restart if I am not at my goal weight . If I
have reached my goal weight I will do a maintenance program

Other notes from today:

*I did blood work .
*I weighed in at clinic today 203.4

*I got home tonight and weighed 201. Not sure how fast It starts to
see work but , I am loving it already because I have spent the
past two weeks ranging from 203-205 sometimes even 207.

* I will use all the vitamins they game me this time around and
then I will evaluate and see if I will buy theirs or use my own .
I have chromium, a multi vitamin , and calcium . In the furture I
just might get the metabolic enhancer from them .

* They gave me a two weeks supply today

*I can do mail order if I want . I might do that in the future so
that I don't have to drive 45minutes to 1 hour.

* They gave me a travel letter for TSA because I will be traveling
in June .

* They basically said you have to loose 3-4 pounds in the first week
or they won't let you do the program next time . They said something
about that being the average.( Kind of Scary for me )

Total cost today 177.00
Next vist will be just the HCG cost , metabolic enhancer- cause
everything else I have now.

A few things I wasn't so crazy about ( Just me I am kind anal

* I saw the doctor for literally 2 minutes - Doctors has many other
practices out of that same building.
* I was there from 8-11 they told me the first appointment would be
2 hours
* I did my nutrition counseling with another patient . No biggie I
just felt like sense I was paying I wanted my own individual time .
* Doctor never discussed goal weight - I was told by the dietican
that the doctor would ok my goal weight . I am not sure if they are
waited for another visit or what .

Overall it was a good visit today . I saw many people in the waiting
room whose pictures where posted as success stories and some who
weren't . I talked with some of them.

One guy started a week ago and is down 8- I asked this guy if he had
tips he said just drink your H2O
A woman and her daughter are down 50 and 40-not sure about there
whole story I got called to the back .

Well gotta go its been a long day I went to be at 3 am this morning,
I think it was my phen. I usually don't have an issue with it , so
I am not sure what happened last night . I woke up at 5:30 to make
it to my appointment this morning.

Hopefully I will do as good as some of you have on this diet , I am
looking forward to the challenge.If you have any tips for the newbie
on the block , please post them !!! They gave me alot of info, I
will try to scan some when I get some time.

12-03-2009, 03:20 PM
Can you tell me what your TSA letter says? I'm flying in June also and we are still trying to decide if its worth the risk of taking it with us or just skipping the week (which for me will mean starting over :( )


12-03-2009, 03:21 PM
Well it just has my name the amount of medication. It list the
doctors contact info and it is on one of their letter heads. It also
says that I am on it because of a supervised weight loss program.

The nurse told me they have never had any problems using that at
this clinic, but have heard of a couple issues at some of their
other locations. What I plan on doing is keeping the orginial
letter in my possession and making a copy to put in my luggage .
Along side my medication that will be in a envelope. Also keep a
copy at home . I discussed this with some of the other patients
yesterday one said she flew out of Orlando with it on her carry-on
(needles and all ) and they said nothing . I am going to check
mine .Cause I am going to Canada and I don't want them to think I am
Sylvester Stallon importing hormones lol .
I have to read the TSA site also I know they recommend carry-on for
medication, I am just not sure of the needle thing . If I find out
differently I won't check it I will bring it in my carry on .

12-03-2009, 03:29 PM
Is this one of the transformations clinics? Im with you, I'd be a little
anal too, don't want another patient telling me, I want the ones that are
being paid my big bucks.....lol okay I'm shutting up and going to bed.....my
luck my hcg will come tommorow and I am due to start that wonderful monthly
curse. Good night all sleep well and God Bless

12-03-2009, 03:35 PM
Yea It was the one in Melbourne , FL

12-03-2009, 03:37 PM
Ok everyone today is my 8th day of injections after having my two
days off which where sunday and monday .. I got on the scale this
morning and I weighed 199. The day I started I was at 203. Its not
as much as I wanted to lose, but its a start. I have to stay
positive and remember I just started last Tuesday. Hopefully this
week I can lose alot more . I can't wait until I get far away from
200. That 199 is still too close, I can still see 200 in my rear
view mirror . Anyone have any tips?

Well I have had some concerns about this diet . I know because I was
dieting before I started the injections that I might not have the
weight loss I expect. I am wondering should I cut down my calories
even more? I tried to eat more before I started the injections , but
my body is just not use to it . Maybe I will wait and see what the
doctor says . Any one had the same issues as far as dieting before
starting injections ? If so how did you get over this?

On a another note I have been drinking alot of water. I admit it can
be hard due to my job and always in my car during the week . How is
everyone's family handling them being on a diet? My boyfriend thinks
I am nuts . He is supportive ,but everytime I turn around he is
trying to feed me something . I don't mind eating lets just say its
not the healthiest things he puts in front of my face. This weekend
he tried to give me a milkshake , fries, fried tenders. I am proud
to say I have had some self control. I went to the store and brought
some fruits and skim milk .. Needless to say he gave me this look
that was too funny. I still buy him what he likes I just don't eat
it .
We had a week last month when I didn't see him at all and I was on
my phen and not the injections yet . Well when I finally saw him he
said if I lose anymore weight I will be looking like a crack head. I
didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Then I thought to myself I
don't know what kind of crack head would be my size. Needless to say
I took it as a compliment because he noticed the weight loss. Not
about the whole crack head thing.

As I get closer to having to go back to the doctors to get another
two week supply of hcg . I have come to the following conclusion .
The only items I will be with the buying with the hcg is going to
be the metabolic enhancer. I have my own phen , chormium , and
multi-vitamin. I can also order b-12 online or make a trip to my
moms and get a injection when needed.I would love to know what any
others have done that have been to Transformations? What pills did
you stick with and what did you not stick with and why?

222- 4/28/07 start with phen
203- 5/22/07 start with HCG and phen
199 - 5/29/07 current weight
150-160 goal weight ( still not sure )

12-05-2009, 08:57 PM
When you say you were off for the weekend, do you stay on the diet?

12-05-2009, 08:58 PM
I was off the shot for 2 days , but still on the diet.