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Rikki's Fabulous Adventure

Hi All,
Been lurking on the boards for a bit. Very helpful! I am on day four of VLCD. Here are the stats.

Pre-load -- 175
load D1 -- 175
load D2 -- 176.4
VLCD1 -- 173.6
VLCD2 -- 172.0
VLCD3 -- 171.0

Wasn't hungry at all first two days, but yesterday and today I have felt both woosie and hungry on occasion, but nothing too extreme. I am not sure what my goal is -- I have always been "big" but healthy. My weight as an adult ranges from 150 -- 178. I have always carried 160 -165 fairly well, as a good amount is lean muscle. As I approach menapause, the weight distribution has changed and I am super uncomfortable. Thus, here I am. I am 5'6.5 and not sure what my goal is. I am on a 40 day injection cycle -- may not go that long. I am thinking more like 30 days. And I would like to get to low to mid 150s by then. I am approaching 50, and really don't want to have that scary skinny face look that 50 year old's get when they don't have any fat in their face. We'll see. I am awed by everyone's fantastic losses, so who knows. I have never been able to maintain anything under 158 without starving myself, so if the "reset" for me is for real, I might go down to 147 which would put my BMI at a bit healthier place. It is going well so far.

Quick question: Is anyone cooking with coconut oil? How is it? How much? What is the taste and what do you use it for?

So far, I am grilling and steaming and sauteing in water.

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