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First, hi to all of you and to my future self. I am anxious for these three weeks to be over. Not because I am not committed to doing this. Not because I am hungry or tired of eating these tiny meals, or because I have to pause every morning and convince myself to give the next shot. No. I am ready for these three weeks to be over so that I can meet the new version of me. You see... I am tired of being fat. Lol... and I'm not even "fat". Just way bigger than I should be and am comfortable being.

I have always been active and skinny. I was attractive to my husband and to myself. I was confident. Now... not so much. So, I am embarking on this process to uncover myself from all this fat that has hidden me for too long. I am getting back to the old me once and for all.

I hope it works. I hope that the weight comes off. I know that I have committed to doing the right things. I just hope it works. I hope this isn't just another fail. I hope that I haven't totally screwed up because I drank and flavored water yesterday AND today. I won't do it tomorrow and see what progress I make then.

So far I'm impressed with the recipes that I have found. They have been tasty and satisfying. So, to future me... for God's sake, keep the weight off. Commit to the plan, don't get discouraged, and Congratulations!

R1P2 Start Weight; 180.6
R1P2D3; -1.2lbs
Current Weight; 179.4

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  1. shannon's Avatar
    Hi Married2farm and welcome to the forum!!!

    You should ocme over to the journal section in the forums and start a journal there to log into every day and record your daily weigh ins, rant, raves, and almost anything else you would like to talk about and you will get ton's of support and encouragement from all the other ladies on this forum! For some reason no one comes to the blogs to comment and every single one of us have our own journal that we log into daily and report our weight and everything else going on in our lives. This has become more like a family and it is an amazing group!! I have been on here over 2 yrs now and am at goal and a firm believer in HCG! Check out my journal if you want and you can see my journey from the start 2 yrs ago