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Pls help.... First day of the starvation diet... I feel like crying!

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I loaded for 2 days..gained 4 pounds... Today is my first day on this starvation diet... I step on scale few times today.. No weight loss.... When does it start coming off... I'm soo hungry... I want some bread... What do I do... If I just stop the injections and diet Tom will I gain a lot of weight...

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  1. shannon's Avatar
    The weight isn't going to fall off during the Only weigh in the morning after you wake up, empty your bladder and take all your clothes off, that is the only weight you should be going with and the only time you should be weighing.

    Where did you get your injections from and what dose are you on? The first few days of the low calories you will have some hunger and also some detoxing so you might get headaches and feel kind of icky. Push lots of water and get plenty of sleep and you should start feeling great in a couple days.
  2. married2farm's Avatar
    Do NOT get discouraged. This protocol requires you to be mentally stronger than your addictions/ cravings. Get through Day 1 without cheating. You can do it!
  3. Georgia's Avatar
    My weight went down 4 pounds the next morning.... I think during the day and late evening i just gain...or something.... I'm really hungry though... I'm craving fries and chips... Can I binge and start diet over the next day... What will happen if I eat some chips... I'm losing hope in this... Is it normal for the first few days to be hard....
  4. Georgia's Avatar
    I'm on the 125 u. It's from the shoppers drug art pharmacy
  5. shannon's Avatar
    Everyone gains during the day that is totally normal and that is why you are only to weight first thing in the morning when you wake up and after you empty your bladder! No other time of the day will you get the accurate weight.

    Cravings are normal and will go away and you need to stay strong and push through them! Once you have started the 500 calories you don't want to stop and load another day because you will totally gain a ton. You have a fantastic first day loss of 4 lbs don't go eating crap food and taking that loss away now.

    the first week can be a little rough like I said above and usually by about the 4th day you start to feel better but your body has to detox all the crap outr of your body from all the crap foods you have been eaitng for years and once that happens then you should start to feel amazing.

    Reads Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons' and follow it and trust in the protocol because it does work and you will be amazed at how fast the pounds and inches come off.
  6. Georgia's Avatar
    Thank you Shannon for your support. I went down again today..:)... Shannon I find my evenings are the most difficult... When I feel like breaking the diet. Any suggestions? Do you know where I can find more recipes? For phase 2..
  7. shannon's Avatar
    Gald to see you had a loss and keep only weighing in the mornings after you go to the bathroom and take all your clothes off and you will continue to see losses. No more night time weighing!!!

    You can google HCG P2 recipes but just be careful they are actually recipes using only the allowed foods and following the protocol of Dr Simeons. There are lost of recipes out there that have you mix vegi's and that is not allowed.

    There is a journal section in the forums that all of us have created our own journal that we post in daily and there is tons of others there as well and you should create a journal there also and you will get tons of support and encouragement from all the others. for some reason no one seems to come to the blogs. check out others journals as well cause there is so much you can learn from them. I have been on here for over 2 yrs and have done 4 rounds and this forum has been my saving grace!!