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They say 3rd times a charm

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Today is my NEW start day and will be my last start date ever...well that is my goal. So here it goes.....

Today is June 21, 2013. Current weight is 168, and this is my first load day. I will focus on getting tons of fatty foods, but will also get a few sugar items to top it all off. I will be using drops this time man those injections hurt sooooooooo bad. Have so much going on in my life not just with me, but my personal life. I have lost control of everything. I have been doing the work on the inside, let the outside go, so now I am taking control back and will do nothing but focus on me. I wish I could control my relationship problems, but I had to give that over to the "BIG GUY" up above. Was very hard to do, and I will admit, I take it back from him time to time, but dont keep it very long .

Not a bunch of support in my circle for my journey, but I will make sure to turn to this site for support.

Thank you for reading, and please post anything that you think might help me stay strong.


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  1. shannon's Avatar
    Hi Chris and welcome! Congrats for taking back charge of your life!

    There is a journal section in the forums and all of us have our own journal where we report daily our weigh ins, ups, downs, daily life stress you name it we post it and it has become one of the best things ever to help me through this journey. I have been posting for 2 yrs now and these girls on here are so supportive and encouraging! You should go there and create a journal of your own and let all the girls be there to support and encourage you! For some reason none of them come to the blog section.

    Before you go any further though lets make sure you have real actual HCG drops and not the fake junk that so many are selling now. Please make sure the ingredients on your HCG drops say HCG 3x, 6x, 30x, 60x. If they don't say that then you have fake drops and I have to strongly reccomend you not go any further with the diet until you get good quality drops. If you need the name of places to get good drops online there are several places that you can still get them from and we would be more then happy to let you know which places are good to order from.

    Looking forward to follwoing your journey
  2. Rachel's Avatar
    Hi Chris, welcome! Im so happy you found this blog and forum. This forum has become an essential part of my life and weight loss journey, without these girls I would not have been able to lose 26 pounds and counting. We all have a story to tell and a life that sometimes makes things crazy, but you will find the support and encouragement for all of it here. Looking forward to watching your progress.
  3. justweight's Avatar
    Thank you Shannon and Rachel. I will start a journal so that I can post all my daily stuff, but most important receive support during my journey. Thank you again
  4. Rachel's Avatar
    Great! we will look for your post in the journal section then. If it's support you need, you will find a boat load here!