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I am a believer

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I started out on this diet at 265 just last week. I lost a 14 pounds I am 250 right now. I have 30 lbs. to lose to arrive at my target weight which is 220. I have gotten better results from this than I have from a clinic here In the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. the name of the place is Romano's they are associated with the W.H.O their diet is structured around your blood type they give you a diet sheet and you have consultations every week. they also give u a set of pills that you yourself are clueless of what is in them. some people get results quickly I did in the first week. The nutrionist that was there was not 100% supportive he had the tendency to be arrogant and aggressive at times which was not all that great. Well my weight loss journey has not ended I intend and will get down to my target weight before the 14th of October. Thank you Jesus for the hcg diet

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  1. shannon's Avatar
    Welcome Lpl88 and congrats on your awesome losses so far and for starting this amazing journey! HCG is a total blessing and has transformed my life beyond belief! I started over 2 yrs ago and have been able to keep the most of my weight off after losing 65 lbs!

    There is a journal section in the forums and tons of amazing ladies that have been on this journey for a long time and lots of us in maintenance for life and keeping the weight off. We all have our own journal that we post in daily with our losses, gains, struggles and pretty much our every day life. You should start yourself a journal and you will get so much positive support and encouragement from all the ladies! For some reason no one ever seems to comment on the blogs.

    Looking forward to watching your amazing journey and transformation!