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First Time HCG user

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Well... I am the latest HCG virgin. I have been on my VLCD for exactly 7 days. I have surprised myself with an 8.8 drop for the week. I have been reading many blogs on this site for over a week and I feel like I am ready to join in on the discussions. I am so inspired and motivated by what I have been reading. So far..I am kicking it...sticking to protocol, eating only the correct amounts of the approved foods,and still getting in all my water/tea everyday. I think I'm doing alright according to my drops..I just pray it continues. I'm expecting TOM in the next couple of weeks. Yikes! I've read horror stories about that!
I went through 2 less than exciting Loading days..It's not that I didn't's just that I was unable to get in ALL the foods that I knew I was going to miss. I couldn't have stuffed myself anymore than I did. I suppose I could have done a 3rd loading day, but, I was more than ready to begin my journey. I know that I am going to need another I am excited to have the chance to load again! Haha!
Anyway... I want to thank all of you for the great comments and ideas that you all share with each other on a daily basis. I'm excited to become a part of your community!

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