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    Mydream's Journal Fighting The Habit

    Good Afternoon Everyone,
    It's been a while since I posted to the site, although I visit quite regularly. I am on day 41 of the injections and am nearing the end of my first round.
    I have lost to date 25.2 pounds and am waivering back and forth between elation and disappointment, not in the program but in myself.
    I am excited because 25 pounds are gone in a very short time, but disappointed and ashamed because I took this wonderful opportunity and squandered it. I have cheated thru out the program, and bargained and bartered with myself, and I didn't need to. I think the hardest thing for me during Phase 2 was not fighting hunger, (which was none), but the habit of eating.
    2 years ago I decided to quit smoking after 25 years because my granddaughter was to be born and am sucessful to this day. I used a smoking aid thru my doctor and the cravings for the nicotine were gone, but I faced another demon, the habit.
    I discovered that even in weightloss, that demon called habit is still there. This program is as close to a perfect one as anyone will ever find, yet we all are faced with providing the one thing, no surgery, program, or plan can provide; THE WILL TO SUCCEED. I fought the habit battle and at times thru this journey, I lost.
    After dinner in the evening when a commercial comes on, during the day when the office is snacking and offers you one, and even on the weekends, when you are cleaning house and sit down to "take a break". These are the times that "the habit" appears. I don't have the desire to eat due to cravings or hunger, but when the habit kicked in, it was almost impossible to not indulge.
    I really believe that had I stayed the course, the scales would read 35 pounds lost not 25.
    I am entering into phase 3 with great trepidation, as I feel that my will power is not that strong, but once the 6 weeks is up and I can begin another round of phase 2.
    I will be a stronger player in the battle to live a healthy weight. Wish me luck.

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    Good luck to you in phase 3! Take it slow and don't add anything new in the first week just up your protein and vegi's from phase 2. Then in week 3 add 1 new thing at a time and wait 3 days to see how it effects your body and if you do ok then go ahead and add another new thing of the phase 3 foods. It is easier said then done I think we al go kind of hog wild the first week and then spend week 2 trying to correct it, I know I did but wished I would of listened to everyone else. It took me pretty much a full week into phase 3 to get back to my LDW or a little below and hold there and today is day 12 and I am .2 lbs below LDW.

    I hope you have great success in phase 3 and your next round!!

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    Do not look back with regrets look forward with possibilities, good luck to you on phase 3.

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    I sympathize with you greatly. Habit is wonderful yet in times like these a terrible thing. I battle it all day and even more at night. I have forced myself to go to bed early many night because that was when I ate. Once my son and husband were in bed, I hit the fridge. That urge is strong every night to return to that fridge. Will power isn't a constant thing and despite all intentions it can wain. Try not to beat yourself up over it and let what you have achieved be a great thing. I think being aware of it will help you greatly when you start your next round. Live and learn

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