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    Apple Varieties - Recommendations?

    Apple varieties can run from the impalatably tart to the syrupy sweet. I would think that the calorie difference between them for a given weight would be staggering. So, since we're allowed 1 medium apple (about 6.5 oz) as a fruit, and we need to stay within the daily calorie restriction, I would suspect that the variety of apple we pick could have a huge bearing on whether or not we stay within the 500-calorie restriction.

    Personally, I love Fuji apples. They're rather sweet, and never woody; but, they may be on the high end of calories. Granny Smith apples are like lemons to me...way too tart to be enjoyable (except in a pie). Red Delicious apples can be huge (much too big to qualify as "medium"), and are often woody, although they are not generally a "sweet" apple. Then there are all kinds of others out there.

    So, I'm interested to know what varieties people use.

    Thanks much.


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    This time of the year I am eating fuji..and when I can I like honeycrisp. I guess I do not pay too much attention to the differences in calories etc..just taste, if I am limited my food the one I can eat should be good. I am not big into strawberries and I hate grapefruit, so I always have one apple and then go between berries and oranges.

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    Here are some charts I use. Hopefully when you click them, they will expand for you. Not sure why they come up so small.


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    I love honey crisp apple cause they are super crunchy. Right now I'm eating royal gala or red delicious.

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    Looks like I'm in good company taste-wise. Thanks, also, for the chart.

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    I've been eating green apples on this plan (phase 2) because I recall from the Dukan plan that it has the less sugar of them all. I had a very tart one the other day and put some Sweetleaf berry stevia drops on it and it wasn't so bad. Thanks for the chart by the way. I never knew there were so many types of apples!


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