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    4 lbs loss in 4 days

    I am new here and feel like blogging would give and get much needed support. I am definitely feeling the hunger pangs!!!

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    Greetings! I can say the hunger pangs will go away. If you must have something, try increasing your protein, or a few almonds. That will usually do the trick. By all means, stay focused, stay committed. It will pay off. Cheating is not worth it. The thought of eating the food sounds good, soon after you eat it, you feel bad and it doesn't taste as good as the thought of it did. No food tastes better than being sexy feels usually keeps me on track when I have a desire to go astray. Hope this helps.

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    Almonds are NOT on protocol! Have more veggies or a small amount of approved protein don't hurt your losses by eating anything that Dr. Simeon's didn't list it's not worth it.


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