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HCG Complete Diet  is an online provider for diet supplements based in the US. Their laboratory has been supplying health care and clinics for over 20 years. Their HCG weight loss products contain necessary amino acids to help improve results and overall wellness of the customer’s health. That is also why they have stressed in not only using drops but also recommending supplements with either of their food multivitamins, B complete balance supplement or HCG approved protein.


The good thing about the HCG drops by HCGCompleteDiet.com is that you can choose the HCG diet plan that is right for you. If you wish to lose 15 to 20 pounds you can choose from any of their 21-26 days diet plans. If you do wish to lose more than 25 pounds, you can choose from their 40-49 days diet plan. They also give you an option on which type of HCG to choose. They have HCG products as follows:

  • HCG pellets. These small pellets dissolve under your tongue. It is best for those who do a lot of travel and work since these won’t need to be refrigerated. It gives you an accurate dosage every time and you won’t need to count the drops you have taken.
  • HCG Diet drops. These drops are absorbed under the tongue. This drop also does not need to be refrigerated. It contains amino acids and L-Tyrosine which helps reduce stress.
  • Alcohol free HCG Diet drops. These drops contain cell salt which helps remedy cramping problems. It has no alcohol and absorbed under the tongue. This drop needs to be refrigerated once it is opened.

If you want to purchase their HCG Original Complete Deluxe Plan, these is what you will get:

  • All original HCG diet drops – the quantity will depend on the day plan you choose
  • Vitamin B supplement – this is responsible to maintain Riboflavin levels and also helps increase your energy
  • Weight off – this is an excellent appetite suppressant to help decrease your cravings for food.
  • HCG detox drops – this is recommended prior to the actual HCG diet.
  • 1 oral syringe – to accurately measure your dosage
  • 1 packet Stevia Sweetener – the only recommended sweetener as substitute for sugar in the HCG diet.
  • 2 packets Smooth Move digestive tea – this is recommended to maintain bowel movement.
  • HCG Complete Diet Manual
  • Complete access to email and phone support
  • An HCG weight tracker application
  • HCG Recipe guides – for either HCG phase 2 or 3 approved
  • HCG sample menu
  • HCG shopping list
  • HCH calorie counting list

Pros and Cons:

With HCGCompleteDiet.com, you can either choose from the 26-days program, 49-days program or the programs for couples. They stress the importance of backing the plan with supplements, in failing to do so it may result to some of these problems:

  • Electrolyte Imbalance. When the body drops electrolytes, worse case could lead to comatose. Blood sugar can drop rapidly if glucose is not consumed.
  • Severe Muscle Atrophy. This happens during the last stages of starvation. The muscle breaks and shrinks as the body consumes itself.
  • Hypertension. This is also known as low blood pressure. Body temperature can drop and might potentially lead to a state of shock.
  • Cognitive Impairment. Starvation can cause cognitive impairment. Extreme starvation can cause malnutrition that is not good for the body and the mind.
  • Riboflavin Deficiency. When associated with starvation, these two combinations are dangerous to the health. This will result to a lot of symptoms such as wounds, sore throat, glossitis, dermatitis, anemia, and conjunctivitis.

Retail Price/Special offer

Prices of the HCG Complete Deluxe Plan could range from $79 to $288 depending on the type of plan you choose. It is a reasonable amount for the list of things you will be receiving.

There is a summer offer for the 26 days diet plan. If you use the coupon you can avail the 26 days diet plan at its original price and get the other one for half the price. So it’s a total of $118.50 for two 26 days diet plan. What a great deal for this summer!

Customer testimonials: what are others saying?

When you go to their website and visit the Testimonials tab, you will see people who have experienced drastic changes in their body weight and their experience all throughout the program. See before and after pictures and stories of how the HCG drops from HCG Complete Diet has changed their lives.

However, if you are looking for a similar HCG drops, we would like to suggest that My HCG Plus and HCG Ultra Diet Drops are better choices that will help you lose more weight quicker.

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