HCG Diet and Diabetes

Many people are successfully using the HCG diet plan in order to drop extra pounds rapidly. While every individual is unique and he or she may or may not face health challenges, the HCG dieting plan is proving quite beneficial for users with a variety of pre-existing health conditions. Even some individuals with diabetes are looking for positive ways to manage their weight, and the HCG diet can be used in order to achieve weight loss success even if a person is a diabetic.

The type of diabetes a person has will determine if the HCG dieting plan is a good dieting plan for the individual. Some people endure a form of diabetes identified as Stable Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes. People with this form of diabetes can definitely benefit from the HCG dieting plan. However, while people that have Type 1 diabetes can use the HCG diet protocol safely, the health benefits are not as dramatic as the benefits for a person with Type 2 Diabetes.

The reason why Type 2 diabetics can gain greater benefits from the HCG diet is because they are not insulin dependent. Instead, excessive weight is one of the contributing factors in this form of diabetes so losing weight is actually beneficial. Altering one’s diet and getting one’s weight under control is one of the disease management techniques used by many Type 2 diabetics. After speaking with a doctor about using the HCG dieting plan, a diabetic can begin to lose weight quickly. Rapid weight loss can lead to improved blood pressure control, less strain on the heart, and improved blood sugar levels; all of which are of great concern to the individual that suffers from Type 2 diabetes. The HCG diet plan, when used correctly, can reduce blood glucose levels in a matter of days. As the diet progresses, glucose levels continue to decline until they eventually return to normal levels in the body: this can happen over the course of several weeks.

There have been diabetics with Type 2 Diabetes that have claimed that after engaging in the HCG dieting plan for several weeks they were then able to minimize the amount of control medications used to treat the disease. Further, there are some diabetics that have actually managed to wean themselves off all diabetic management medication entirely once they began to lose weight and to get their blood sugar under control. However, when a diabetic decides to use the HCG diet, he or she should consult with the health care provider first. He or she should continue using any medication that is prescribed by a doctor even after completing the HCG diet, unless otherwise instructed by the physician.


  1. ashley says


  2. Kathy says

    I am a diabetic 25 years plus (type 1). I have an insulin pump which I love. I am 5"4" weighing 154 lbs but i do not look it. I am wondering if anyone who is a type 1 has completed the program successfully. Also, I am interested in any and all complications (how often you went low? …..) I have a friend (not diabetic) who completed the program and looks amazing. I always thought she looked good before but her losing has made me think what would i look like.The last year has made me think more about my own health- BP – cholesterol…. I want to do everything possible to be around for grand kids! I am older and do not want to be too skinny but would like to loose 25 lbs. any information would be helpful. I want to look good for a graduation party early June. If it possible.

    • Runner1 says

      Kathy, I have an almost identical situation. Type 1 Diabetes, would like to lose 25-30 lbs. Did you end up doing the HCG program? How did it work for you?

    • Runner1 says

      I have a very similar situation. I have type 1 diabetes for 7 years, and would like to lose 25-30 lbs. I am very curious, were you able to lose with HCG? How did it work for you?

  3. ANGIE WYRZUC says

    Hey everybody. my daughter (16 years old)is type 1 ,and in 34 days she only lost 9 lb. It is very discouraging. Please help me motivate her. She gained 60lb after her last coma and is misserable.

    • john doe says

      I am type 1 and did the HC3 diet (oral drops) and lost 30lbs in 25 days. The one thing about this diet is must stick to the eating plan and DO NOT CHEAT or will stall and not loose any weight.
      Angie I am really sorry to hear about ur daughter, it seems that she must get better control of her blood sugars if she has a suffered a coma. I am 34 and have been a diabetic for 24 years now and have thank the lord never suffered a coma.
      Good luck I hope ur daughter improves.

    • Erin Stooksbury says

      Hey Angie, I'm 18 and a type 1 diabetic I can total relate with her.
      I am more than willing to be her encouragement buddy if she needs one
      I kinda need one 🙂

  4. SeReatha says

    I need to loose 50 lbs. I tested pre-diabetic 3 yrs ago, but put myself on a diabetic diet, and all glucose tests have been normal since then. I do not test my own blood sugar due to the costs, which are not covered until you have actually been diagnosed as diabetic. I don't want to do anything that will "send me over the edge" into full diabetes. Will the HCG Diet be okay for my to try?

  5. Wildy says

    Hi… I have my stepdaughter she's 15 right now, her weight its like 250 pounds and like 5'7", she's hypoglycemic and my question is if she can use this HCG program??

  6. Amanda says

    Diana, thank you for posting! I’m actually hypoglycemic, but my husband has had type I diabetes from the age of 11 (only on insulin injections, twice a day, Novalin 70/30). I just started the hCG diet through my doctor’s office Monday, today is day 6 on the diet, and I had lost 6 lbs when I weighed myself at the doctor’s office yesterday morning (so I might have lost another 1-2 lbs since yesterday). I’m about your size (5’2″, 162 lbs on Monday, 156 yesterday) and have a goal similar to yours. I started wondering if my husband, the type 1, could also be on the hCG diet and found this page and YOUR comment. If you don’t mind me asking, how are they monitoring your sugars through this? My husband isn’t used to taking different doses each day. He takes a certain amount in the am, and a certain amount in the pm. I’m going to ask my doctor on Monday if they work with type 1’s. If my husband could lose weight AND reduce his insulin needs. I hope to hear back from you!

    • Tracey says

      Hi Amanda, I am a type 1 diabetic of 20 years, and have been on the HCG diet for a week, of which, I have totally stopped my meals insulin doses as my blood sugars are averaging 3.1-4.1, and am slowly reducing my Lantus morning injection, started at 34u, now down to 20u, but am going to reduce to 15u, as I am waking in the morning still too low, was 2.9 this morning, and needed to suck on a jelly bean.

      • Tracey says

        Other than that, my weight loss has been very slow, I am from Australia, so in kg not lb, I lost 2kg in the first 2 days, then gained, now down after the 7 days to a total loss of 1.5kg.A bit disheartening, as I have seen both my sisters, and my mum, who arent diabetic loose nearly 10kg over their 21 days, but I am going to stick to it, and I use the app on my Samsung Galaxay phone MyFitnessPal to add my calories so I stay in the 500 (but dont ad exercise or it messes up your count :P), and I will stay on it till the 40 day mark.

        I am strict with the drops, under the tongue for 3mins, then no food or drink for 15mins. I start my day with 1/2 pink grapefruit for breakfast, then a quarter of my apple for morning tea, lunch, then quarter of apple for afternoon tea, dinner, and the remaining half apple for supper. I do this to help keep my blood sugar levels as even as possible.

        Will let you know how I go 🙂

      • Mayra says

        Hello Tracey, I'm type I too and would like to contact you to see how you're doing and how are you feeling because I want to start the diet…have you been monitoring for ketoacidosis? I'm a bit concerned about that. Would you be so kind to e-mail me: exaiis@hotmail.com

      • Erin Stooksbury says

        Tracey! I was totally wondering the same thing and you answered ALL of my questions! Thank you

    • Jesse B says

      Hi Amanda I am also a type 1 diabetic (28 years) since I was 12 years of age. I just learned how to adjust my insulin after so many years according to my carb intake. Currently I take 1 to 10 carbs. I think if you discuss with your medical doctor how your husband can adjust his insulin this diet could very well work for him. I want to loose about 15 pounds, so I am going to try it out once I get my doctor's approval.. Good luck on your journey to weight loss. Keep us posted.


  7. ana says

    I am a diabetic take meds 2 times a day I always get reading of 103 or around there and I am just wondering about to to start this diet should I stop taking my meds or continue?

  8. Diana says

    I have type 2 diabetes but I am insulin dependent since Feb. 11. Since that time I gained 9 pounds but the doctor said that was ' normal'. I have been on the HCG diet drops for 6 days now including the first 2 'bulk up days' and I have lost only 4 pounds. Am very discouraged but will carry on. I am concerned because I get low sugar about 1030 am and must eat something so I have been borrowing the fruit from my lunch. After that I am ok as long as I eat my lunch by 1230 and then dinner by 5. Sugar free, fat free jello gets me thru the evening.

    • Brenda says

      Hi Diana! Glad to see someone that is on insulin has tried it. I've read alot on it…but as with ANY diet and Diabeties….you have to be so careful. I am about 60 lbs overweight…and NEED to lose it!! NOT HEALTHY! SO…I have tried alot..and am thinking and wondering if this diet works for our kind. I do think that I will purchase it…at a small amount anyhow…to see if it's works first on me. 🙂

      • Diana says

        I have done fair but not great on the program. I lost a total of 12 pounds but it took me 4 weeks to do so. I only had 25 to 30 to lose. I am 5'1" but weighed 152 and wanted to be down to 125. I set a goal of 20 pounds thinking that was acheivable but I have been at a plateau at 140 for a week now and nothing helps. I had a protein day and lost 0. Thinking of an apple day but I don't know how that works. I will continue thru my last week and pray for another loss of at least 3 pounds during the week. On a positive note, my insulin usage has dropped from 60 units daily to 25 to 30 units daily. Probably due to the VLCD and lack of carbs in the diet.

      • Veronica says

        Hi Diana Glad to hear that someone else has not lost weight after following it to the letter. I am type 2 diabetic and initially lost 5 and now nothing over a week! Apple day- I don't know whether that would be safe for us. It's where you eat four apples for the day and that's it. My husband keeps telling me to hang in there and not get discouraged. Its disheartening when everyone else is losing a pound a day and her you are on day 12 with only 5 pounds lost. Anyone else having this problem and any suggestions?

      • Madeline says

        Hi Veronica,

        I am also diabetic. I completed the HCG diet in April 2011 and lost 20 lb in a 40 day period. However, I did not follow properly the third phase so I have gained back all I lost in 11 months. Now I started the protocol again.

        During my previous HCG protocol my blood sugar completely normalized but now I am back where I was a year ago because since April I have not followed any diets.
        My experience with the HCG diet is that you can not do variations and can not come up with ideas of modifying the diet, you have to stick to the original protocol.
        For example during the second phase I was sometimes replacing my 100mg chicken portion with 100 mg white turkey meat. My logic was that turkey is even leaner than chicken, so it would make sense to use it in the diet. It did not work. During those days when I ate turkey I lost nothing.

        The 6 organic apple per day days were very useful for me to overcome the plateaus, I had to apply them 2 times during the 45 day second phase

        My suggestion is to try to stick to the diet without even minor alterations. Apparently there is a reason why only certain foods are allowed

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