HCG Diet for Vegetarians

Some individuals will think that the HCG diet is an anti-vegetarian diet, but this is not the case. Vegetarians can, in fact, partake of this wonderful dieting plan if they want to use HCG drops or injections to lose weight. The vegetarian dieter will need to be a bit creative about meals and in how they use the accepted food list to choose daily foods for consumption, but they can partake of the diet and see just as much success as a non-vegetarian can on the diet.

Every vegetarian and non-vegetarian should give consideration to a vitamin supplement as they diet. Since you are dramatically reducing food intake, taking a daily vitamin will ensure you are still getting all of the vitamins you need. For the vegetarian who does not consume meats, often high in iron, an iron supplement might also be beneficial.

The HCG diet does include meat selections like poultry, lean beef, and fish. Nevertheless, these are not the only foods offered on the plan, and with a bit of imagination it is possible to follow the very low caloric protocol suggested in the HCG diet by Dr. Simeon. For instance, there are dairy offerings on the diet that vegetarians can consume like skim milk, sugar-free, non-fat yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, or one can opt for soy products like sugar-free soymilk if they are lactose intolerant. The cheeses offer up necessary proteins while on the diet. One can also consume egg whites to get a good source of protein as well, and if the vegetarian does not consume eggs at all, he or she can opt for egg substitutes instead. It should be noted that with a lack of adequate protein intake the dieter may be faced with weight loss that is a bit slower than average. For instance, where a non-vegetarian might lose ten pounds in a week, the vegetarian might only lose five pounds.

Some vegetarians will not eat beef or poultry, but they will consume seafood. To that end, meat replacements can include things like crab, crawfish, lobster, shrimp, salmon, prawns and other fish sources. If the vegetarian also foregoes seafood, then they can simply stick to the fruits and vegetables offered on the accepted food list too. A vegetarian might do well by getting an HCG diet recipe book and looking through the recipes for meals that can be created; this will make meal time less of a hassle in terms of planning.

The beverages that you can consume are also restricted on the HCG diet plan, but coming up with acceptable beverages to consume is not very hard for the vegetarian. You can drink fresh water each day and you can also enjoy many different herbal teas sweetened with Stevia. Eight glasses of water are required on the diet every single day; this is needed, not only for hydration, but to keep the metabolism at peak performance too.

To learn more about vegetarian HCG diet, please visit the HCG diet for vegetarians section of our forum to ask questions and share your experience.


  1. tamara says

    thanks so much for the informational video. I learned a lot of different ideas and it will help me as i start the HCG diet. I have been vegetarian for many years and wondered if this diet would work for me. Thank u for sharing what has worked for u in regards to the vegetarian protein options.

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