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When you enter the OralHCGsolution.com website, you will find a statement with which if you choose to undergo the program, you will be required to be fully committed for 23 days. For most people who went under the program, a typical 20 pounds is reduced from their weight during the first month. With the first to the second week, a client may lose 10-12 pounds. After the ideal weight is achieved, clients are advised to maintain the weight if they are still continuously doing the diet program.


When purchasing HCG from OralHCGSolutions.com, you are given 3 options to choose from. You may avail the Oral HCG drops, the 30-day drops only prescription strength or the 60-day drops only prescription strength.

  • Oral HCG drops – 2 (ounce) bottles of Sublingual Oral HCG, 5,000 IU’s with oral syringe, and an HCG instructional booklet.
  • 30-day drops only prescription strength – 1 dropper bottle of HCG powder, 15,000 IU for the 30-day supply, instructions for mixing and use.
  • 60-day drops only prescription strength – 2 dropper bottles of HCG powder, 15,000 IU each for the 60 day supply, 2 vials of bacteriostatic water, sweetened with b-12/Stevia. No syringe needed. Enough for two people to do 30 days each.

Safety / Side Effects
The primary concern of people would be to ask if the diet is safe. Is HCG safe? The answer to that is yes, HCG is safe. Pregnant women experience high levels of HCG in their bodies wherein there are no adverse effects, so a small amount of HCG will not do any harm.

If you are under birth control or other medications, taking HCG will not produce ant kind of side effects. Likewise on women, since the amount of HCG is small there will be no adverse effect during the menstrual cycle.

Retail Price
If you purchase from OralHCGsolution.com prices will range from $100 to $518 (60 day drops only prescription strength). Prices are reasonable in exchange for the extensive results one can achieve in an HCG diet plan.

Overall Conclusion
All in all, Oral HCG Solution is ideal for people who has a busy work schedule or those who are required to travel and will not have sufficient time to go to the gym or to undergo a work out program. HCG will do all the work for you. Even so, like any kind of diet, for it to be fully successful one must watch what he or she eats. Even after the program has ended, a shared amount of work should be dedicated to maintain your weight.

Read success stories with users of OralHCGSolutions.com and see there before and after pictures. Testimonials of clients can be seen on the website, which showcase how HCG has helped these people lose weight in an easy and effective way. However, if you are looking for a similar HCG drops, we would like to suggest that My HCG Plus and HCG Ultra Diet Drops are better choices that will help you lose more weight quicker. Check out
HCG Drops Reviews!

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