HCG EZ Drops Reviews

HCG EZ Drops is a rapid weight loss program for people who are obese, or overweight. HCG is a natural hormone that works on the body’s stored fats to provide nutrients for the body.  HCG weight loss treatments have been around since the 1950s and the standard form of treatment uses this hormone  through injections at weight loss clinics across America.  Now HCG EZ drops (also known as HCG EZ Trim drops) are available in liquid form.

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HCG EZ Drops formula is clinically proven to trigger the hypothalamus into producing energy by melting away stored body fat.  Consumers can lose between one to two pounds a week and will permanently keep the weight off.  The HCG EZ Drops are to be taken in conjunction with a low 500 calorie diet consisting of vegetables and meats for protein.

2-oz bottle of HCG EZ Drops
HCG EZ Drops Success Guide & Weight Tracker
Recipe e-Book
Pounds And Inches e-guide
Online community forum of users

HCG EZ Drops offers a complete HCG diet kit along with HCG drops purchase. Users will have access to Fast start guide and weight tracker, as well as online membership subscription.

HCG EZ Drops are made in the United States and is produced in FDA approved facilities. Weight loss is rapid; consumers see results within the first week.  The diet is short; only lasting six weeks per cycle; thus, eliminating bad side affects from being on the program.

The original HCG weight loss was done in a doctor’s office by injections; costing up to $600.00.  Now with the HCG EZ Drops, you can get a bottle for less than $60.00 and there is no waiting in walk in clinics, appointment scheduling, or beating downtown traffic. Simply take the drops in the privacy of your own home and follow the plan. Exercising is not required.

Users may have to take 15 drops two to three times a day in order to achieve a maximum effect; this means that you will use your supply quickly.

Retail Price/Special offer

  • 1 2oz bottle of HCG EZ Drops – sales price: $59.95 (retail price: $89.95)
  • 2 2oz bottles of HCG EX Drops – sales price: $97 (retail price: $179.90)
  • 3 20z bottle of HCG EX Drop – sales price: $137 (retail price: $359.80); plus receive one extra bottle for free

HCG EZ drops offers free Shipping in the USA.

HCG EZ drops offers 90 days full money back guarantee. If users are not completely satisfied, simply return the bottle(s) within 90 days for a 100% refund of the initial purchase price.

Customer satisfaction

When the HCG diet is followed correctly as per instructions, consumers enjoy up to a 98 percent success rate, Tens of thousands of men and women have followed this low 500 calorie diet with HCG EZ Drops supplement.  Customers are satisfied and have lost weight and kept it off.

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