HCG Lean 2000 Reviews

HCG Lean 2000, provided by MaritzMayer, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular HCG drops in the market. The affordable price, the amazing effectiveness, and the no-nonsense marketing approach really make it an appealing product. If you are looking to get started with HCG drops but have been having a hard time getting over the hype pushed by so many of HCG Lean’s competitors, then you probably want to start here. When you really need to lose weight fast, you need a product that works. That’s all you’ll get when you buy HCG Lean 2000.

Unlike many other HCG products, HCG Lean 2000 doesn’t come in a kit. The fact that the product works exactly as an HCG supplement is supposed to is what really allows you to get the benefit you need. You can find plenty of instructions on how to use the product online, and while many products make it seem like their plan is a big deal, it’s really not. The only thing you need to learn how to do is count calories and identify foods that provide the nourishment you need while keeping your calories at around 500 per day.

Pros & Cons
The simplicity of the product is indeed its greatest charm. With so many competitors out there trying to inflate their prices by providing you with tons of accessories and “ebooks” it really is refreshing to see this approach.

Unfortunately, some folks might need that help to really get the most out of an HCG supplement. If you are new to the diet and just learning about how it works, you need that initial guidance. Knowing the difference between a legitimate source of information and something that is wrong or unintentionally misleading can prove difficult. If you are already familiar with the product and can count calories, this will work perfectly for you.

Retail Price / Special Offer
The product retails at $49.95 (plus shipping costs) but it’s available from many online supplement stores at more than half off. We found the product available for $22 plus shipping at one online store. Seeing as it’s so inexpensive, there’s really no reason to seek out any product besides this, unless you need the hand holding that another product can provide.

Customer Satisfaction
Take the time to research the product and get the details that you can at no cost. Once you fully grasp the approach outlined by Dr. Simeons all those years ago, it will be a lot easier to jump into using a product like this. Count your calories and space your meals throughout the day. Once you have that routine down, this is the perfect product.

Reviews from happy customers are all over the web, and we understand why. When you find a diet that will help you lose a pound a day at less than $1 a day, you really have something magical on your hands. When you factor in the reduced grocery bills you will experience while taking any HCG supplement, it’s like you can get HCG lean for free.


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