HCG Platinum Reviews

HCG Platinum provides a full system designed to help you kick weight off of your body and onto the curb. Their systems range from simple 30 day supplies of HCG drops (for those already experienced with the protocol) through complete starter kits, including meal replacements and training materials. The packages will help you lose up to a pound a day for less than a cup of designer coffee. If you are looking for a solid plan to help you pour the fat out of your body, HCG Platinum might be for you.

HCG Platinum has a lot of options to choose from. Products range from 30 day supplies of HCG drops to complete starter kits that will help you cut fat and supplement your diet. Whether you are just getting started with your new weight loss regimen or you are looking to continue an existing plan, the HCG Platinum products can help you do that with:

  • 30 or 60 day supplies of HCG Drops.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Complete Starter Kit includes How-to ebooks.
  • Custom Calorie Plan
  • Quick Start Guide
  • B12 Supplement
  • Colon Cleanse Products to Assist in Eliminating All the Fat

HCG Platinum is a brand, and not a product. As such you are able to obtain the full range of products required to help you lose weight and stay healthy. Whether you are looking to jump in and lose a few quick pounds or improve your lifestyle by adopting healthy habits, HCG Platinum is a company that can help.

The overwhelming number of options available from HCG Platinum can be rather difficult to navigate for the newcomer to the HCG diet protocol. They offer online support, but we have never actually been able to chat with a representative.

The other issue is with the product page. For some reason, it keeps mixing up the order in which the products are displayed, making it hard to find what you are looking for. There are also two starter packs, which may confuse those of you who are new to the protocol.

In addition, the HCG platinum drops are a bit on the expensive side when comparing to similar quality HCG drops such as My HCG Plus, HCG Ultra Diet Drops and DIY HCG.

Retail Price / Special Offer
Since HCG Platinum is a large brand with many different products, you can always find a special deal or sale on their website. As of the time of this writing, you can get their 30 day plan for only $75.99 with free shipping. It usually retails at $89.99, so that’s a pretty substantial cut. Options range from $39.99 (meal replacement plans only) to $159.99 for either of the two starter packs.

Overall conclusion
Complaints about HCG Platinum are virtually non-existent (excluding the sort you would expect from people who are habitual dieters that don’t know how to follow instructions). The product works as advertised and people are generally happy with it.

There are a lot of options available from HCG Platinum, and that can be a good thing if you are making a major lifestyle change (hint: you should be). But the large number of products makes it hard for the new comer to figure out where to start. It would be helpful if the online consultant was available.

Here’s a hint: Get the Complete Starter Kit (Original Formula) since it provides a pure HCG drop with no additives.

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