Homeopathic HCG and Other HCG Products

When it comes to HCG products for HCG diet, you actually have three popular methods for taking the hormone, HCG Injections, Sublingual HCG and Homeopathic HCG Drops. The truth is it makes no major difference which type of HCG product you choose to use – All will work equally well to curb your hunger cravings, to boost your metabolic processes, and to help you drop the pounds you are trying to lose. So the type of HCG that you decide to use really depends upon a number of factors including the method of application you prefer, the affordability and availability of the HCG product you select, and the specific product’s ease of use. All of the three main types of HCG products have their own advantages and disadvantages which will further be examined here.

HCG Injections (Self Mixed)
HCG injections are one of the most frequently used method by HCG dieters. Back in the 1950s when Dr. ATW Simeons created the HCG diet, he administered HCG through intramuscular injections, because this was the most effective means of restoring HCG levels in the human body back then. Since then, the HCG injection has become the standardized method of taking HCG hormone by most HCG dieters.

HCG injection works just as fine as other HCG products, and it is often less expensive than sublingual applications. For instance, you may find that injections will run about $100, not including the cost of shipping and handling (around $20). However, ordering HCG injections is a timely process: you have to make sure you have enough of the product available to you when you need it and this means ordering your HCG and supplies early on. Always bear in mind that it can take a week or more to get the product to your door. Furthermore, you will also find that when you are ordering HCG for injections, you will frequently have to order from a oversea pharmaceutical company, which makes the shipping process considerably longer (typically 3 to 6 weeks).

Along with the product you will find yourself investing in a long inventory of necessary mixing and storage supplies, so that you can mix and apply the injections safely and correctly. You need the mixed HCG injections to be stored in an appropriate container in the refrigerator for freshness, and you will also be buying sterile pads, syringes with needles, bacteriostatic water, storage bottles, and mixing syringes.

When it comes to HCG injections, the immediate drawback identified is the fact that the product has to be injected into your body. Many dieters do not like the idea of having to use syringes to get the HCG into the bloodstream. Potential side effects like a painful injection site can deter some dieters from using HCG injections. The syringes are often used in the abdomen or legs, and if you have someone willing to help you they are sometimes applied in the back.

As it is with self-mixed sublingual HCG, the HCG injections that you order are not fully prepared for use upon arrival. Usually you will receive instructs and kits that explain the product mixing process, which you must follow to the letter. Inappropriate mixing and/or storage can result in the destruction of the product, or at minimum, a product that is not nearly as strong as it should be. Learn how to mix HCG injections and administer the shots here.

Sublingual HCG Drops (Self Mixed)
Sublingual HCG products range right around $120 in terms of price, excluding the costs of shipping and handling which typically cost about $20. Like HCG injections, you should anticipate the need to order your sublingual HCG products in advance and it can take anywhere from three to six weeks to get what you have ordered deliver to your door. This means that you will always have to plan ahead to ensure that you can continue your daily use of HCG as required.

Sublingual HCG products are indeed the most costly, and like HCG injections, you have to mix the sublingual HCG on your own (learn how to mix sublingual HCG here). In order to do that, you need a lot of supplies for this type of treatment. This application method calls for twice the amount of HCG as if you were to opt for injections. You also have to buy bacteria-free water for mixing purposes, amber storage bottles, a mixing needle, a syringe for each HCG ampoule, and a syringe so that you can apply the medication orally.

The main advantage in this type of application is the fact that the application is pain free and it involves absolutely no injections. You just have to squirt the mixed sublingual HCG with appropriate dosage under your tongue, let it sit there for two minutes, and swallow whatever remains.

Homeopathic HCG Drops (Pre-mixed)

Homeopathic HCG drops entered into the arena of HCG a couple years ago, and it has become the most popular HCG product these days. Homeopathic HCG drops is by far the simplest products to buy and apply HCG. It is delivered to you pre-mixed in amber bottles, so you don’t need to read the complicated mixing instructions and mix on your own.

When you order Homeopathic HCG drops, you should do so in advance, although the wait period may be much shorter comparing to HCG injections and self-mixed sublingual HCG. The Homeopathic HCG drops is the least expensive out of all HCG products, and you can usually get it for under $100.

Dieters have illustrated a preference for the drops because, not only are they the most affordable option, they also do not require any kind of mixing or additional products for use. The pre-mixed drops are ready for use upon arrival. The bottle is offered with a dropper to help you take the correct dose each day.

To take the Homeopathic HCG drops, place it under your tongue just as you would do with sublingual self-mixed sublingual HCG. Many dieters have reported similar weight loss result with the Homeopathic HCG drops. Read our comprehensive HCG Drops reviews to determine what are the best HCG Drops for you.

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