How to Get Started with HCG Diet

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You might have already heard positive reviews of HCG diet from many dieters who have achieved tremendous weight loss results while on this diet. And you’ve finally made the decision to try this HCG diet plan, yet wonder how to get started. So we’ve prepared a practical to-do-list below to help you get started.

Step 1.  Do your research

The first thing you want to do is to read Dr. ATW Simeons’ manuscript Pounds and Inches, which was considered as the “Bible of HCG Diet.” You can download a free copy here.

You might want to read Kevin Trudeau’s best-selling book, HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide. Trudeau’s book was based on Dr. Simeon’s original HCG diet protocol, but he suggested dieters to take supplements on top of the very low calorie diet in order to maximize the HCG weight loss efforts.

Step 2.  Consult your trusted health care provider
Although there are rarely reported side effects from HCG diet, it is highly recommended you discuss with your trusted medical professional thoroughly before you start this diet. Your doctor will take the time to review your health record and may perform a health exam if necessary to ensure you are in good health to start any dieting option.

Step 3.  Decide if you want to DIY or see a HCG clinic / provider
You can certainly find a reputable HCG clinic nearby, where you can get safest result under the doctor’s supervision. You can look up experienced HCG providers through our HCG provider directory and HCG Weight Loss Program reviews here.

Many dieters choose to do the HCG diet on their own to save money. HCG diet is not rock science. As a matter of fact, dieters can find simple step by step instructions on this website.

Step 4.  Decide if you want to take HCG injections or oral HCG
Should I choose sublingual (oral) HCG or HCG shots? This is one of the most common questions that dieters might have in the beginning. Since each method has a different list of supplies, you need to decide whether to take sublingual HCG or HCG injections before you order HCG supplies. Read more tips about Oral HCG vs HCG Injections here.

Step 5.  Determine the right HCG dosage
If you are planning to do HCG diet on your own, you will have to at some point decide the right HCG dosage for your weight loss. Dr. Simeons recommended a daily HCG dose of125 IU for best weight loss results, while others including Kevin Trudeau suggest a higher dosage (175 IU to 200 IU HCG per day), because our body is more “toxic” today than 50 years ago. Read more tips about HCG dosage here.

Step 6. Determine the starting date
You should plan a good starting date for HCG diet in order to maximize your weight loss. Dr. Simeons stated “In menstruating women, the best time to start treatment is immediately after a period. Treatment may also be started later, but it is advisable to have at least ten days in hand before the onset of the next period.”

Step 7. Purchase HCG and mixing kits
Now you’ve decided which method to take HCG and the correct daily HCG dosage as well as your starting date, you can order your HCG now.  If you doctor is unwilling to prescribe HCG for you, you can order it online without prescription. Since it may take weeks for you to receive HCG delivered from online pharmacies, you need to know the shipping time and order HCG and necessary supplies such as mixing kits ahead of time, so you could recieve the shipment before your planed starting date. Learn “what you need to know when buy HCG online” here.

Step 8.  Learn how to mix HCG
When you order HCG online whether it’s sublingual HCG or HCG shot injections, you will often receive a HCG powder package and then mix the solution on your own. The reason is that HCG, once mixed, will become useless when exposed to heat even for a short period of time. So you need to learn how to mix HCG correctly by reading HCG mixing instructions here.

Step 9.  Meal planning and preparation
Now it’s time to devise a meal plan for at least the first week of HCG Diet. In the first two days of taking daily HCG, you are instructed to eat fatty food. Starting from the Day 3, you start the 500-calorie-per-day diet. Write down ideas for seven breakfasts, seven lunches and seven dinners. Then go to the store and buy all of the food items on your meal plan before you start HCG diet.

FAQ, helpful HCG diet articles and HCG forum

Now you should have everything ready to start your HCG diet. If you have any questions about HCG diet, read helpful HCG weight loss articles and FAQs on our website for better understanding of HCG Weight Loss. Or visit the HCG forum to join the discussion and read about other dieters’ HCG diet journey.

Good Luck!

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