How to Get the Most Out of HCG for Weight Loss

When you make use of the HCG for weight loss purpose, there are several things that you can do to get the most out of your dieting efforts.  There are, indeed, easy ways for you to maximize the amount of weight that you actually lose and to make the diet even more effective.  Here are a few tips that you can take advantage of on the HCG diet.

Pre-planning Your Food Buying
Do not head for the grocery store without a list of foods you plan to buy.  If you walk straight into the store and start to shop without a plan, you will find way too many things to buy that are tempting and that are not permitted on your diet.  What’s more, never head for the store when you are feeling hungry!  You will find it’s more difficult fending off your hunger cravings when hungry.  If you have to get things at the store and you do not trust yourself to stick to your diet, why not have a friend or family member go to the store for you to get what you need?

When you do shop for food selections, add organically grown food choices to your list.  No additives, no preservatives, and organic selections are just plain healthier for you.  They are great for weight loss and you will feel far better about your food choices.  In addition, make sure you load up on bottled water if you do not like the taste of tap water.  Water flushes the body, it keeps you hydrated, and it ups the metabolic process too.  At minimum, eight glasses of fresh water every day is a must on the HCG diet.  Meanwhile, you need a daily fiber intake too.  If you are not getting it from your foods, get it from a supplement.  Fiber helps you to lose weight successfully and to keep digestive processes functioning.

Planning and Timing Your Food Intake
Write out a menu with what you will eat and when you will eat it.  If you have a menu and a time schedule, you will be less likely to snack during the day.  Never eat a meal or a snack before bedtime either. It slows down digestive processes and you do not burn calories while sleeping.

Additional “Must Dos”
Light to mild exercise is allowed on the HCG diet.  Go for a walk, jog, and do some aerobics, anything to get your body moving, to up your cardiovascular rate, and to burn calories.  No need to go overboard, just do some exercise for thirty minutes three times a week.  You will increase the body metabolism and gain some lean muscle mass in the process.

Make sure you invest in a multivitamin supplement while using HCG for weight loss.  Use the supplement daily to ensure your body is getting all of the minerals and vitamins it requires. A multivitamin can be consumed one time each day and it can up your energy levels while boosting your immune system.

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