How to Prepare For a Successful HCG Diet Protocol

Before you take advantage of the HCG diet protocol, you need to prepare yourself for the diet.  A good preparation in the beginning will help you achieve optimal weight loss success on the diet.  You need to get yourself familiar with the protocol: what to eat, what not to eat, exercise or not etc. You also need to get the HCG products as well as the approved foods on the HCG diet protocol before you can begin.

You will need to buy HCG supplies online or from your local pharmacy stores (a prescription is required to buy HCG from local pharmacy).  HCG products will be used on a daily basis as the weight loss aid, so you may want to review the product and instructions for use carefully. You can take HCG via injections or orally. Both HCG injections and sublingual HCG are flavorless and you can easily consume them. You can use them in the privacy of your home so no one needs to know that you are dieting.

You will want to get a scale as well as a measuring tape.  These two items will help you track your daily weight loss progress.  You will want to weigh yourself before you begin the diet and you will want to take some base measurements of your body as well.  Each morning before breakfast, you can then take new measurements to track how much weight and inches you are losing from the previous day.  You can invest in a blank journal, a plain notebook or you can even create an excel spreadsheet to track your food intakes, as well as weight loss and the inches you lose. This way you can easily investigate which food item might cause your plateau or weight gain while on the HCG diet.

A food scale is definitely required so that you can measure out all of your portions.  You can order one online or you can head for your local kitchen specialty shop to buy a scale you are comfortable working with.  While you are at it, you can get some vitamin supplements so you can use them every day.  Get a fiber supplement, a multivitamin, and make sure you use them as instructed.  It will help to strengthen your immune system and keep your digestive processes regular.

You will also want some type of camera so you can take photos of yourself as well.  You can use a digital camera so you do not have to worry about film processing and others seeing pictures of you that you do not want them to see.  Take some shots of yourself before you begin your diet and each week as your HCG diet progresses.  Insert them in your journal and use them to keep you inspired and motivated.


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