Mediral HCG Drops

Mediral HCG drops were known as one of the most effective products on the market until they were no longer produced. Individuals reported great success in sticking with the product and plan. While many comments abound regarding drops that weren’t effective, Mediral received consistently positive reviews. Unlike most other HCG drop companies Mediral also produces HCG compounds that are meant to be administered via injection. Their experience with HCG allowed them to formulate the most effective product on the market.


Most Mediral products included only the basic drops, but there were several packages that included information that was very helpful and based on original research, including:

  • Suggested foods
  • Suggested recipes
  • Tips for dealing with the change in caloric intake
  • A day by day plan to help you work through your 30 or 45 day program

While many other products include similar plans, much of the information provided was based on unique research and was collected from individuals actually using the drops – not just theoretical or hypothetical scenarios. This meant that you were given advice that was known to work well. When dealing with a weight loss program, this is absolutely essential.

Pros & Cons

These drops work. Plain and simple, they help eliminate your hunger, meaning you have to eat less and lose more. There are a number of products in this sector that just don’t work the way that they are advertised. It was consistent to see users performing better than expected when working through these HCG drops. Individuals who were hoping to find a product that really helped them the way it was meant were pleased at the completion of the product.

The only con is that this product is no longer offered.

Retail Price / Special Offer

A two month supply of Mediral drops would have cost about $200. This is a bit expensive when compared to many other products on the market today, but considering how effective they were, it really was a good price. There were frequently special offers available, including starter packs and free trials, but the product is no longer manufactured.

Customer Satisfaction

While it would be great if this product was still available, it’s not. There are also no signs that it will be returning to market any time soon. There is no published indication of why the drops are no longer manufactured, and speculation is useless. The product likely no longer became profitable due to competitors selling inferior products at steeper discounts.

When looking for a product that is as effective as Mediral once was, you will have trouble. Our recommendation would be to try HCG Ultra Diet Drops, which has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any product currently on the market.

Many of the products in our best HCG drops list perform almost as well as Mediral. It is possible that some actually outperform them, but testing has proven difficult since the drops aren’t available for purchase today.

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