Miracle Noodles for HCG Diet

When you are under the hCG diet, you have very limited options for food. You need to avoid fat and maintain a limit of 500 calories per day.

With this predicament, comes in the miracle noodles.

Miracle noodles allegedly have zero calories and fat in each serving. Miracle noodles, made from a natural fiber called Glutamannan, do not have sugar or starch, carbs or proteins. It is also wheat and gluten free. This perfectly suits your hCG diet plan.

Miracle noodles can be either soluble or insoluble. The soluble ones help with lowering cholesterol and glucose levels. The other type moves material through your digestive system and helps with your bowels.

Let us take a quick look at the soluble miracle noodle for your hCG diet. This miracle noodle slows down digestion and prolongs the sensation of being full. If you are full, this will prevent you from eating since you will not be finding the need to. You will also be absorbing more nutrients with the food that your eat since your digestion will be slowing down.

You can replace one meal per day with Miracle noodles in your hCG diet. This will significantly raise your needed fiber intake and lower your total calorie intake. You will not only have a worry-free meal with miracle noodles, you will also have something tasty to munch on. You can also choose to eat miracle noodles more than once a day. You can do that just as long as you mix it with the right food items.

You can integrate other food into your miracle noodle meal. You can add 100 grams of meat, without the fat, one type of vegetable, one bread stick, a fruit and select seasonings to add flavor to your noodles. Miracle noodles take on the flavor of your meal. Now that is a tasty treat without the calories and fat.

The soluble fiber in miracle noodles binds the bile that is secreted from the gall bladder. There bile that has cholesterol in them is excreted with the help of the soluble fiber in the Miracle Noodle. Low cholesterol is good for your hCG diet. Miracle noodles will also help lowering the risk of diabetes. This is because the slowing down of the digestive process means a slower absorption of glucose. This will then require a slower release of insulin from the pancreas which aids in the normalization of blood glucose after eating a meal.

Miracle noodles come is different varieties. There’s Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Orzo Pasta, Linguine, Mini Pears and several other varieties. You will not get tired of it but love it. You can enjoy miracle noodles as a meal or a snack.

Using miracle noodles for your hCG diet will make eating a lot easier for you. It is a tasty meal without the guilt of disobeying your hCG diet.


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