HCG Drops vs. HCG Shots for Weight Loss

HCG as weight loss aid is a quite innovative technique. HCG drops vs. HCG shots for weight loss, which one is better? This is one of the most common questions that HCG dieters might have in the beginning. So is there any difference between HCG drops and HCG injections for weight loss in terms of effectiveness and cost issues? Today we will examine the pros and cons of taking HCG orally or transdermally (i.e. HCG injection).

As you may already know, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadoptropin) is the natural hormone that is naturally present in the human body. Back in the 1950s, Dr. ATW Simeons noted a positive result when this hormone was tested as a weight loss aid among his patients. Dr. Simeons administered HCG through intramuscular injections, because at the time, this was the most effective means of restoring HCG levels in the human body. Since then, getting HCG shots has been the standardized method of HCG weight loss treatment.

Oral HCG products are created out of synthetic hormones, hormones that are generated in a laboratory environment, just like HCG shots. Oral HCG is also known as Sublingual HCG,  because you place it under your tongue using an oral syringe where it quickly gets absorbed into the bloodstream on the bottom of the tongue. However, you need to take twice as much of HCG orally comparing to taking HCG injection.

So what’s the better way to take HCG, oral HCG or HCG shots? In terms of effectiveness, it actually makes no difference which type of HCG treatment that you use. In fact, a recent study on HCG dieters who switched from the traditional HCG shots to oral HCG found just as much weight loss, higher energy levels, and less hunger between meals than when the dieters who continued taking injections.

The invention of effective oral HCG drops, however, is good news for the needle-shy and those who aren’t prepared to inject themselves at home, so they can actually benefit from oral HCG and don’t have to take HCG via intramuscular injections. Oral HCG is surely more convenient and easier than HCG injections.

In term of cost, oral HCG doesn’t necessary save you money comparing to taking HCG injections for weight loss.  The added cost of dosing twice daily for oral HCG drops is balanced with the cost of syringes needed for injecting HCG at home.

So to sum up, oral HCG and HCG injections are both effective weight loss aids. You can choose either method to take HCG for weight loss purpose. However, it is always recommend you consult a trusted health care professional before hand whether you take oral HCG or HCG shots for weight loss.


  1. PAT MOORE says

    I recently did hcg injections, losing 20 lbs. with Somae health under Drs. care. Would like to lose another 20, but injections are costly.

  2. admin says

    I would not recommend HCG diet for your situation, hcg might mess with your hormones and make it worse.

  3. robert says

    question:does anybody has any experience with HCG, having

    prostate cancer in only a 5% in one sample of the biopsy.

    Can the HCG make the cancer grow??

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